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How do you keep your erection while jelqing

How do you keep your erection while jelqing

I just started PE today :)

Apparently I can’t keep my erection while jelqing. I have no problems with getting hard ever, but when I jelq, it’s trying to masturbate to footage of war and death. I mean, I’m trying to maintain a 60-80% erection and I get one good 5 second jelq out before it starts to get soft.

I use a mp4 player with some porn on it, one look and it regains hardness. I don’t necessary need to watch it, just take a 5 sec look ;)

Alternatively, I think about my girlfriend. Well, those two work well ;)

Also try to do some kegel while jelqing and between the sticks, which should force more blood to your penis.

Good luck.

I’m new, maybe you can imagine you’re having sex with ur gf.

I personally watch porno during the jelqs.

Yesterday: 6.2 NBP

Today: 6.5 NBP (varies...)

Tomorrow: 8 NBP

I’m not an expert by any means, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. I know a lot of guys on the site stress the importance of keeping work/jelqing separate from play/masturbation but personally I just need the extra stimuli to stay up. When I jelq, a lot of times I have the same problem with maintaining an erection, so I try to keep a balance between how fast I’m stoking and how much of the video I’m watching.

Also you might want to keep in mind that you can benefit from jelqing with a less rigid hard-on. Check out this link. New Jelq City!

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