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Jelqing question

Jelqing question

I am new to the program and am having trouble maintaining erection during the exercises. Is it advisable to place a moderate tourniquet at base of penis once I have achieved a 60 -75% erection— to maintain for the rest of the jelqing program? Thanks.

Hey Cakefunk,

I am also a newbie. I’ve probably had about 3 jelqing sessions for about 10 minutes each. I go very slowly, as I was advised by veterans who have achieved considerable gains. (+2” length, +2” girth)

I also read a long thread by a member named “Newbie.” He advised against stretching completely because that works at pulling on the ligaments. Stretching ones ligaments is not advisable for any joints in the human body, so I thought that made sense to adhere to that logic regarding my penis as well.

However, “Newbie” talked about simply jelqing for 10 min, 5 days a week and then take the weekend off completely. He claimed to gain 1.5 ” length and 2 ” girth doing just that! I forget the exact duration of time that he claimed to achieve this, but I remember that he was talking months, not years.

I am trying this same approach to see if I can coup similar gains.

Here’s the part that pertains to your question: Start with complete flaccidity and don’t let yourself get more than 40% erect. That’s what “Newibe” advised. Maybe that’s naive of me to just take this guy at his word, but jelqing at really low erection levels is also much safer. It’s a good way to condition your cock for more intense jelqing down the line if you so desire.

That’s my 2 cents worth.


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