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I feel like this is a good thread, many people seem to not know the exact mechanics or theory behind jelqing .. Thanks for asking giggity, and thanks for all the feedback as well!

Hey, thanks for that positive feedback.

I wanted to add a little more I’ve learned since. Regarding this post about Turkey Neck: Jelqing with a condom

mister007 mentions securing the scrotum during jelqing so you stretch out the bottom shaft skin instead of possibly stretching the skin behind the scrotum and having it ride up the shaft.

I though I had read about two handed jelqing where one hand jelqs and before the hand reaches the glans the second hand starts a new stroke. I just read where you use one hand around the base which holds back the scrotum and basically keeps skin at the base from moving forward during the jelq. I tried this today and could feel much more skin stretching during.


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Immediate Goal: 6.5" x 5.5", Continuing on to: 7.5" x 6.0" and eventually would like to reach 8.5" x 7"