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Jelqing Grip - How much is enough?

Jelqing Grip - How much is enough?


This has been something I’ve been wondering about for a while. When it comes to Jelqing, what tightness of grip is optimal?

I get that it’s according to the erection level and particular type of jelqing, but my tendency for a while was to grip tightly at the base. Frustratingly, it would end up making my hand grip sore, long before I’d be able to get a goo number of reps (with either flaccid or erect jelqs).

On the other *hand*, when I’ve tried to grip lightly, the jelqing feels completely ineffective- there’s no sense of buildup, and I’m left to wonder if it’s doing anything at all.

Have any of you had experiences with either, particularly the hand grip tiring out quickly?


Tired hands is common and part of PE. Use 2 alternating hands for sure.

Optimal is when you are gaining :P
You want to not do so intense that it is hurting your penis.
You also dont want to do too easy so its merely stroking.

The truth is somewhere in between and for everyone different.
The important factor is how your dick reacts during after and next day. PI , EQ and BPFSL (later BPEL gains…)

You can do longer jelq strokes(time) with less intensity. Mixing it up in time and intensity is also often done.
Also different erection states might help you to apply different intensity.(the more blood is already in the less intensity you might need)

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