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Jelqing for girth?

Jelqing for girth?

Yeah a small question about this technique.. Ive usually done with some liquid wet jelq just as that.
I wonder if it’d affect more for girth make it maybe little more erect and with another hand pressing the head a little back (towards body) same time than making the jelq away from body direction if you know what I mean? May it stress some part too much? I tried it yesterday and I think it felt more effective but also more stressing too, anyone else does it like this?

Because when making the jelq move with head quite erect at some point the penis head pushes away from body (gaining length) I thought that stopping it and pushing little against it might kinda do good for girth forcing my stick more “fat”.. Ive never done it like this way before though, maybe thats why i gain length more easy? (but i need girth more)

If you jelq when you are more erect, it will help you gain more girth than length. Another slution is Girth Blasters and Jelq squeezes.

Consider dry jelq for girth, more effective i think.

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