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Jelqing effectiveness and cardio

Jelqing effectiveness and cardio

Hey guys just had some things I wanted to clear up for myself. I have been jelqing with medium strength at around 50% and my main goal is to get a feeling of inner expansion and blood movement. When I come to the end of a jelq, my glans fills up with blood and I feel a slight inner expansion so my penis tends to be stretched longer than prior to the jelq. After a session, my dorsal vein is very pronounced and my penis is slightly engorged for a short time. On paper this seems all well and good, but I am confused about a few things

Is blood filling in the glans a good indication of a jelq (in addition to the inner expansion I’ve been getting)?

In spite of the pronounced veins, feeling of inner expansion, and larger glans, I don’t have a feeling of fullness after my sessions. It feels almost like I’ve been pushing a really small amount of blood down there so the workout is somewhat ineffective. I kegel between jelqs and get a sensation of lots of blood, but ultimately my penis doesn’t feel bigger. Has anyone ever experienced this? I have tried lowering my grip strength, but then I feel absolutely no sensation in my jelqs unless I have a much lower erection % like ~20%. Even then, my workouts feel equally ineffective. Would you guys recommend that I start doing more cardio exercise to try and alleviate this? I have relatively shitty cardio, I am only 160lbs and 5’11 but can run a 9:00 mile if I were to guess. When I first started jelqing in high school, the only time it felt effective, I was extremely healthy and could run <6:00 miles. Perhaps this has some sort of connection to effective jelqing. What do you guys think, does this hold true? How fast have your gains been and how good is your cardio?

I don’t know if you can always go by “feel”. Its best to go by “results”. If the tape measure shows gains, then that’s the bottom line.

Some guys have more elastin in their tunica than others and get more expansion WHILE jelquing. Some have less, and may not see much expansion DURING jelquing, but make gains anyway. Of course, the glans is in a different tunica then the shaft, its the Tunica Albuginea (spelling?) and its quite a bit more elastic than the shaft. This is why you will see the glans expand quite a bit even if the shaft doesn’t.

I don’t think your cardio conditioning makes much difference, although increased GH might help, but I’m just guessing on that. There are some good studies that indicate short high intensity sprints can boost GH significantly. I am currently experimenting with a program of 30 seconds of sprints (not 100%) followed by 90 seconds recovery…do 8 cycles. I am 52 but I see indications of elevated GH by my leaning out quite a bit since starting. By the way, no more than twice a week.

Back to PE, the trick is start with a basic program, watch and record your PIs and EQ, as well as erect and stretched flaccid measurements. When you make changes, make small sensible changes based on your observations and study. This greatly enhances your chances of success.

Good luck.

Thanks for your informative post! What about your thoughts on increased vascularity? I ask this because I was previously practicing lighter gripped strokes which resulted in no plumpness in the dorsal vein and assumed that I wasn’t jelqing with enough pressure.


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