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Jelqing device

Jelqing device

Anybody seen that jelqing device??

Is it worth it??

Looks like 2 rollers.

Call me Mr. cheap

Why buy a device when your hands are free. Plus you have to use your hands anyway to work the damn thing.

[5/22/07 - BPEL( 7.875) - NBPEL ( 7.1875) - EG (4.75)] [8/22/07 - BPEL( 8.0) - NBPEL ( 7.5) - EG (4.875)]

[12/22/07 - BPEL( 8.1875) - NBPEL ( 7.625) - EG (4.875)] [4/22/08 - BPEL( 8.357) - NBPEL ( 7.75) - EG (5)]

Goal: To gain that evasive girth I so desperately need.

The “power jelq” or jelq device has been discussed extensively. (Thank Westla for the links he provided below.) Check out this thread for starters. Follow the good directions there and make one yourself. You definitely shouldn’t spend $60, or whatever they cost now, when you can make one yourself for around $10.

I still use my power jelq fairly often, particularly in between clamp and pump sessions when I really want to give my cock a workout.

Thanks guys

I acquired a P.J. Device when I purchased my Penimaster . The handles on the P.J. Broke inside of two months , so I went to the local hardware store , and picked up a set of canning jar lifters for under four dollars . Totally identical to the P.J. Handles . Then my set of new , improved rollers tore , so I replaced the rubber with some pipe insulation . They want thirty dollars to replace the rollers . I am going to take the inner sleeve with me on my next shopping trip , and see what sort of rubber hose or the like I can find to fit it . Anyway , save your money , and make your own . I manual jelq , and use the P.J. , As I find they work the penis from different directions , manual , mostly in from the sides , P.J. , In from the top and bottom .

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