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Jelq techniques and keeping blood in the tip

Jelq techniques and keeping blood in the tip


In my jelqing over the past few weeks, I’ve discovered an inconsistency or potential gap in my understanding and I hope you can help.

When I jelq, I slowing pull my fingers (in OK formation) up to the top of my penis. At the same time, I move my other hand down to grab the base. Sounds right and straightforward..

However, in a split second between release at the top and grab at the bottom, blood escapes from the head on each jelq. In other words, there was a slight gap where the pressure was released.

I did find that by holding my grip at the top (head) until the grabbing hand at the base was fully engaged, I could maintain more blood in the top. It still escapes some, but not as drastically.

My question is, is this second method desired, or do I want blood to escape on each jelq? In other words, by doing it this way and keeping the blood there forcefully, am I exposing myself to greater risk of injury? What way do you do it?


Do a jelq. When your hand reaches the top, kegel and hold it. While holding it, grab the base with your other hand, release your kegel hold, and do a jelq.

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