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Blood in my Seminal Fluid

Blood in my Seminal Fluid

I have had an injury about a month ago. I am pretty sure I know what I did wrong. I was experimenting with different ways to Jelq. I use a Power Jelqer and was throwing in different techniques to see if I could make some improvement to my program and go bigger of course.

Another thing I think may have thrown a cogg in the wheel is doing reverse jelqs in with every so many minutes of PJ’n. Another thing that I am suspicious is a serious session of PC exercises. My wife and I did a ton of flexes all the way from Denver Colorado to OKiehoma. Every 30 minutes we would do about 3-5 minutes. I was trying to get my wife in the groove of things with keeping her health in top notch shape. For her and myself.

My injury consist of (as stated in my Title of this thread) blood in my seminal fluid. Definitely scary. I have backed off of all PE and slowed down off sex in hopes of getting myself healed. Now, please don’t go crazy with your responses. And please do respond. I plan on going to see a doctor and see what has happened. However, the entire situation is rather embarrassing. I know I need to while I hesitate to do so.

My seminal fluid was reddish at first but now is spotty with brownish color. I kind of think this is a sign I am healing. I just had a full physical and my blood test showed no problem with my prostrate. I like to think all is going to be normal very soon. Oh…I forgot to mention that orgasims are and have in no way been painful. Still intense but not painful. Just the other night with my wife I tried to cum without such intensity in fear it may be bad.

Anyway, I like to see if anyone else has had this experience and what good opinions there are on my situation. Minus going to a doctor which I will PDQ.

Thanks for your responses,


You probably injured something internally, but if it persists it could be a sign of something more serious:

“Blood in the semen may be caused by inflammation, infection, blockage, or injury anywhere along the male reproductive tract. It may indicate disease or a problem within the urethra, testicles, epididymis, or prostate.

Blood in the semen is usually the result of inflammation of the seminal vesicles, and will usually go away spontaneously. Often, the cause can not be determined. If the blood does not clear and ejaculate is persistently stained with blood, more extensive tests should be done, such as urinalysis and culture, semen analysis and culture, and ultrasound of the seminal vesicles.”…icle/003163.htm

The link is pretty informative - if anything, for peace of mind. I don’t recall ever hearing of a PE injury quite like yours, but maybe there has been a report of it.

Is your urine clear?

The answer may depend on your age. How old are you?

Thanks abunch for your reply CaptnHook!

My urine does look clear. I have not noticed any discoloration what so ever. And I have been watching.

I looked over the symptoms listed and none I have experienced.

I do not know how savvy any of the local doctors are on the in’s and out’s of PE but it would be wonderful to find one who was. I sure wish to make some gains before stopping. I have gained but only minimal. Erect gains of only under 1.5 length and 1 width.

Again, thanks!!



I am not far from 41 Kawaihae. I was told I should have got the finger wave when I got my physical about 2 months ago but the doctor said I was fine and I did not need one. I am athletic and am trying to keep in shape so I guess he felt with my good marks on the returned test I was fine. I am pretty sure the injury was self inflicted which I am guessing you are pointing to the fact further testing may be needed.

Thanks for your reply Kawaihae!


My friend in his early 30’s went to the doc when he discovered blood in the ejaculate in a condom after sex with his wife. He was told not to worry unless it persisted. It cleared up in a few days. I hope your condition is similar.


I agree with wantmo; this will likely just go away. There are a lot of small blood vessels in the prostate, and the presence of some blood in semen usually means a blood vessel leaked or ruptured. A hard ejaculation can cause it to happen spontaneously. In the absence of any other symptom, this is usually a benign and self-limited problem that does not warrant further investigation unless 1) it persists 2) there is some pain 3) there is a problem with decreased urine flow or a sensation that the bladder is not emptying.

I appreciate you guys taking the time to reply to my post. Sounds like I should just monitor the situation for now. I agree since the blood is in smaller amounts and darkening. I take the darkening blood to mean there is no longer blood being lost.

Thanks a bunch fellas!!!


Blood in semen is hardly ever a matter of concern. Only if it persists over a month or so. Usually one has made a bad sexual move; PE could do it; some capillaries break. They heal pretty fast.

One thing that could help both your wife and you is to back down on the Kegels. If you are new, or fairly new to this, you are overdoing. Work up slowly, adding 5 or so flexes a day. Not something by which you should be measuring off a long trip. Adding 5 a day will get you up to hundreds in no time.

Relax. Have sex. Just don’t bend your erect cock while you are doing it.



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