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I've read this before somewhere, but double-checking...

I've read this before somewhere, but double-checking...

Is there a way to correct curvature in the penis. I have, at full erection, about a (estimate, I don’t have a shower protractor or anything) 30 degree bend to the left. Oddly, my dick itself doesn’t curve, rather, it bends at the base and just goes straight out at 30 degrees. And it moves very easily back into normal position. Is there any way to correct this. It’s caused me no problems sexually, just wondering.

I’ve had the same problem. My penis has always pointed to the left, and I’ve always had it placed along my left leg in my trousers every day since this was more comfortable and seemed natural.

The last two weeks I’ve placed my penis along my right leg in my trousers. At first it feels a little uncomfortable but after a few days it feels normal and it has helped. The bend is definately straightening out.

Maybe you should try that?



Not exactly the same, as my penis is very straight when erect. The ‘problem’ I have now is that it bends/twists to the right when flaccid. Before I didn’t have that problem, but with my flaccid growth it has become noticeable. I guess it is paranoia, because Isuppose it isn’t something people tend to notice in the shower room.

So I have been tucking it down to the left. It is better for bulge purposes to tuck it right, especially freeballing, and I don’t know if this is a solution anyway.

But what the hell. I think one of the reasons is the way my left ball is attached a little higher, and thus forcing the twist to the right.

:chuckle: Never examined my penis so thoughly before PE…..I was more interested in clits!


Cut the corners..

Hey all I am very new to PE but I have done something to my ruler when measuring, and someone may have already posted this but I couldnt find it… When I measured my BPEL the corner of the ruller dug in pretty good, so what I did was I cut the corners at an angle of the ruler… Problem solved…. Hope this helps any newbie…

Hey adguy

Don’t get carried away you might end up cutting inches off the ruler base :D

ù ì å í


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