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Itchy Shaft

Itchy Shaft

Hey all, I have been getting some itchiness during stretching. I have been using a moisturising cream for a long time, and never had this before. It even happens when I don’t use the cream. It’s not itchy along the whole shaft, and just the underside, and just a third of my dick just below the head. Any thoughts?

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Any dryness of the skin will usually happen around the head with white drying skin but it usually does not itch or irritate. You might want to examine the skin and see if a rash or redness is appearing, also you might want to see if there are any products or substances coming in contact with the penis that might result in discomfort. Stretching should not cause irritation unless there is something associated with the device or some foreign fibers coming into contact with the skin.

TillmanTilly is Shilow the troll spouting bullshit again. Dude talks like a pretzel.

One of two things could be the cause: problems with your grip causing irritation or new skin growth. Try changing your moisturizer as well.

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Itchiness is gone now. I didn’t change anything, so I’m a little confused as to why it happened. I’m still using the same cream, still stretching the same, so go figure.

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