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It works !!!


you can get that info here:

goingdeep’s quest for growth

how is your device different from a regular pump? I’m trying to get a better understand of how it works…man, I couldn’t imagine blowing my penis up to 8 inches in girth

going deep

is your 7.5 bp or not bp if not what is the nbpel?


the 7.5 is bp…I don’t take nonbp because it is too inconsistent

also… I’m not one of those guys with an inch and a half difference between my bp and nonbp… I’m in excellence shape so there’s just skin down there, no fat… bp is just the best way to get the most accurate measurement with little to no deviation

Priapos, can you elaborate on your girth/gland shaping excercise. Do you grab at the base with erect penis and pull down towards the head engorging the head and the shaft, or what? Thanks.

Also, your gains are very impressive. Do you think that by you excercising twice daily may be the reason for these impressive gains? I always thought that doing this would be overtraining, not allowing the penis to heal, but you are proving otherwise. Also, also how do you do the power jelk?


Girth/gland shaping exercise: get a full erection. do a tourniquet around the base with one hand and with the other, grab around the shaft so that the thumb/index ends up just behind the gland and then squeeze toward the head. You can hold it like that for at least 30 seconds or do a pumping movement for the same amount of time.

Regarding exercising twice a day being a key factor to my growth, I have no idea. What I have done lately is that 2-3 times a day I go to the bathroom and do a 10-15 minute stretching/squeezing session (mainly Horse440 squeezes).

Power jelq. 100% erection and then milk (with lub). I can´t do this very long because the erection subsides and the willie gets real sore quite fast.


question: do you take vitamin C?

If so, how much and when?

BTW, I got a few 9.5 ” elbp readings today, and I am hurt and banged up and not able to
get my all. I don’t know if I’m ready to say I’ve gained but it’s coming again. I have sworn
off Vitamin C thanks to BIB. I’m so unhealthy now. I don’t know my new length but I bounce
around with the ruler between 9 and 9.25 but I think something is giving , at least I hope.

I really don’t want any more than 9.5 lenght but more girth is my main goal now. It’s more
important to most all women.

My girth is way up there as you know and your girth does not seem to match your length,
but the horse squeezes have really pumped my girth there. You are on the right track.

I have seen few if any guys on this board who truthfully started much over 9. Maybe I
am misinformed or they just lurked.

Good work.

Phat, are you basically riding the horsey these days for girth?


Girth, that is my main concern. I think I am about 5.5” right now. However, I want to get to 7.5”. Is that a realistic goal (I plan to put in at least 2 years and have been doing 2.5 months until now)? I do the horse440 squeezes, what else can I do to increase girth? Also, how many horse440 do you do per day and how long does each squeeze endure?


I forgot to answer your question about vitamin C. The first 2 months I did only drink a small glass of orange juice per day, that was all. Now, I take 300 mg/day (in my multi-vitamin). Phat, you said you seem to grow again, that´s good news. What are your ultimate length/girth goals?

My starting size was L7,9/G5,8.

And believe or not i felt small because i always compared my self to pornstars.

People are not made to be happy sad but true…im not happy because im still 7,9/5,8.

Well its nice to see someone is making gains…

Looking to be a kiwi.


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