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It works !!!


It works !!!


I started looking at PE 1,5 months ago. I haven´t bought any of the commercial programs but have put together my own program based on the information that you can find on the free sites.

I started the peing April 2nd with the following measures:

EBPL: 8,25 Erect Girth: 4,72 Erect Base: 4,72
FBPL: 5,12 Flacid Girth: 3,94

Today, May 9th, I have reached the following:

EBPL: 9,45 Erect Girth: 5,51 Erect Base: 5,90
FBPL: 6,30 Flacid Girth: 4,33

I am very content with the development so far but,l as they say, no trees grow to heaven, so sometime the improvements will slow down.

Someone might say that this is a greedy guy, starting of with 8,25 but as I read somewhere else, I got used to the size and eventually found it small (compared to porn starts that is). The most important thing though is not the final size but to see improvements over time.

Nonetheless, my greedy goals are (now you can laugh):
EBPL: 12 Erect Girth: 7-7,5 Erect Base: 7,5-8,0

See you around guys.


With those starting stats, you should be instructing the rest of us.

Amazing gains you’ve had! Congrats!

What’s your routine; rest days, exercises?

My routine

Thanks for your comments.

Yes, I am greedy, but, as I said, you get used to the original size and starts to think it is to small.
I will be honest and say that I do this for me, to see how far I can get.

Anyway, you asked for my (current) routine:

Rise at 4:30 to take a shower and shave

5 min warmup
10 min stretching
20-30 min wet jelqing/power jelqing
10 min girth and glans shaping
5 min warmdown

Warmup: Put the dick in a glas of hot water

Stretching: Pulling the flacid penis in all directions
Jelqing: use Vaseline and pull with 3 fingers (thumb, index and middle)
With left hand the thumb on top of the shaft and the two others below
With right hand the thumb on the left side of the shaft and the two others
to the right. 40-50% of the time for power jelqing.

Girth/glans: Erect penis. Pull down the skin as much as possible towards the base,
grab with the OK sign HARD at the bottom of the shaft and pull towards the glans slowly.
You will feel a nice strong pain in the shaft and glans.
Alternative, lay dick on low table or similar (while greasy) and press with both palms
with all your weight (Pan squeeze). Press to the sides and back/forth.
Alternative 2, Horse440 squeezes

Warmdown: wrap the dick in a towel.

800-1200 2-3 sec kegels in the car to office

At office, read the advices of this excellent board

500-1000 2-3 sec kegels in the car from office

In the evening
5 min warmup
10 min stretching
20 min dry jelqing/power jelqing
10 min girth and glans shaping
5 min warmdown

10 min testicle massage
Massage the testicles between the thumb and the index+middle. Pull scrotum
up and down and to the sides.

peing morning/evening Monday thru Friday
rest Saturday and Sunday

I am not using any commercial program but has only used common sense and practice to try out
what is best (at this moment in time).


did I read that right?
1” in one month?

you should be the poster child for PEing!!

Yes, that´s right, +1” in 5 weeks. I am more than pleased with those results. Of course, my final goals will be very hard to reach but I started out with an above average size so, who knows. I also hope that the girth increase will hang on the length increase cause you don´t want to end up with an out of proportion penis.

As a comment, there are some guys that started out even better, with +9,5” (read the PE data sheets).

New kid

I started the PEing Dec 10 with the following measures:

EBPL: 5.5 Girth: 4.5 Base: 4.7

Today, May 25th, I have reached the following:

EBPL: 6.75 Girth: 6.1 Base: 6.5

I did not know there was an industry to support this at the time. I just discovered this board.

I built my own pump mechanism last year and it is quit different than anything I have seen on the markets.

I took a 3.5 inch piece of thick plexi tube and put a plexi cap on one end with a 1.5 inch hole milled through the cap for the penis to insert into.
I then took another 3.25 inch piece of plexi tube and milled five cap ends to fit on top of that tube to produce a piston of sorts. The alternateing cap pieces are a few thousands smaller than the ID of the outer tube with the other two alternating caps being somehwat smaller for two rubber O rings to ride in. This design functions just like a piston and cylinder in an internal combustion engine. It produces an air tight seal. I take the smaller tube (the piston) and insert it into the outer tube (the cylinder) with a little soapy solution for lubrication until the piston is 5 inches from the end cap of the cylinder tube. Then I insert my penis into the end cap with the hole using KY to help seal it and draw the piston out until I get a good vacumm.

I do this for 30 minutes in the AM, 30 minutes in the early PM and leave it on all night once a week. This I have been doing sice Dec.

Three weeks ago I bought a BIB hanger and hang 10 lbs for 30 minutes a day in the AM. I also started Jelqing at about the same time three weeks ago.

I had not measured again until last week. It did not seem to be working or my mind just did not beleive it, but I was astonished that I have actually achieved over an inch in growth and fantastic girth results. This is why I joined here as I am now going to take this serious!

Thanks for being here. I now believe I can attain the 9 inches of my dreams.



is that device what gave you those great girth gains?

could you explan how to make it. maybe a pic?


Home made Girth pump from Tom

I made a schematic of it and uploaded it to:

It is about 2 feet long and I use a rope off the hole at the end of the cylinder to tie off to help pull it.

The fit of the piston is very tight and will usually stay at the point you stop it even with the tremendous vacumm it creates.

If you are creative with it it will also do a form of Jelqing as well as just work on your head.

I have also started to tie it to weights and pulleys so it also pulls.

Isn’t creative engineering fun? LOL

This inspiration came to me last November when the wifey ran off with the horse trainer. Won’t she be surprised when she gets to see it again, that is if she gets lucky some day.


P.S. Make sure you remove the sharp edges and sand out the insertion hole. Duh!


what did you do for girth cause those girth gains you made blow me away. would you please explan


Re: tomaman

Hey Jelq4Life,

I used the device I made and illustrated above. When you pull the cylinder out, which creates the vacumm, there are no walls to prevent the expansion.

In fact, immediatally after using this device, my girth gains to about 7.5 to 8. Holding it right after pulling out feels like a baseball bat.

I had a girl friend come over for a toss in the sheets last week and I used the device for an hour before she came over. When she reached into my pants, she got a big smile on her face and made a comment about it being so big, which made it even harder. She had a good time with it for most of the evening.

Now I need to make the little sausage longer.

So, I am using the bib and power jelqer now ever other day.

I did not realize such girth gains were unusual. Maybe I should get in the business of manufacturing the thing, huh?


Originally posted by Jelq4Life
what did you do for girth cause those girth gains you made blow me away. would you please explan

maybe you could get together with tom hubbard and make some kind of instructions on how to build it and he could put them on his site cause i really want to build me one now


RE: Girth machine

I had an engineering firm design the specs and it was cut with a laser for perfect fitting.

Mine is getting worn out anyway and I need to make a new one.

I will do so, make photos and spec drawings. When the new one is done, I will post the specs and photos.

I also suspect that it may not be nccesary for all the complexity if you just atteched a good pump to it.


Originally posted by Jelq4Life
maybe you could get together with tom hubbard and make some kind of instructions on how to build it and he could put them on his site cause i really want to build me one now

I’ll be waiting for the post tomaman, I’m gaining length, but girth has been a real bitch…

OK so tell me what is working for you

Could you give me your routin for length?


Originally posted by goingdeep
I'll be waiting for the post tomaman, I'm gaining length, but girth has been a real bitch…

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