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Is there a RIGHT way to set up a clamp

Is there a RIGHT way to set up a clamp

I’m using a Cableclamp to clamp, and I am unsure what the most effective/safest way to position the clamp is. Should the hinge with the teeth go around the bottom of the shaft, the top, or either side?

I understand that there is a risk of damaging a nerve or vein if not done correctly. Anyone have a way that works best for them??

By the way, I have really pronounced veins. Insanely big veins. I’m not sure if that affects anything, but I’m just throwing it out there.

Use the hinge at the bottom so the pressure will be on the sides. I use a sock as wrap so the sides of the clamp don’t dig in as much.

Your veins may get even thicker from clamping.

I know it makes no sense from the geometry of things, but I get more pressure in the CCs when I have the hinges on the sides. I use a pretty thick homedics neoprene wrist wrap underneath though so maybe it’d be different otherwise. I’d say try both with hinges on sides (one on each side using two) and with hinges at bottom. I agree with the goal of having greatest pressure in CC since they require more force to expand than the CS does.

Thanks guys. I guess I’ll try it both ways to see which one works best for me.

I doubt there is really a right and wrong way, just so you do it the way that works best for you. And take your time in getting into clamping, as you can do permanent damage if not careful. Make sure you use a sock, or something to keep from pinching the penis.

Some say to do 3 ten minute clamping sessions with at least a 10 minute break between them, but do not start at this level. (If you are new to clamping.) one 5 minute session may be enough for the first few times. (Then slowly work your way up from there.)

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Thanks for the advice man. I’ve just gotten into clamping, and I do it between pumping sets. I only do it for 1-2 minutes right now with minimal expansion, just to get more conditioned to clamping. I’ve done some extreme sets of 5 minutes and full expansion in the past, which left me crippled for a few days.

I’m trying to go about it smartly and safely.

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