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Is it ok

Is it ok

My balls hurt about more than a week a ago. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said it could be an infection. He gave me antibiotics. Since, the day my balls start hurting, I stopped doing PE and masturbating afraid that it might make things worse. Is it ok to do PE exercises and/or masturbate in my condition?

Why don’t you take a little holiday from PE until you know whats going on. Maybe you just overdid it.

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You should of asked the doctor the same question. But, keep it on the safe side and relax for a bit.

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Well if it was me I don’t think I would be doing either if my balls were aching.

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Could be inflammatory state. It may not be related to PE ; can be a random infection. Had one, myself - it was so bad that I had to go to hospital for three days. Just take the resolvent and take a little break from PE. Hope everything will be fine. Cheers.

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Definitely take a break from PE until you know what is going on. The whole goal of PE is for a healthier and bigger unit. No way to get there if you neglect signs of things going bad. Hopefully it’ll go well for you and nothing serious.


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