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Is it fairly normal to not notice any results after just one month of PE

Is it fairly normal to not notice any results after just one month of PE

Hi, I’ve been doing PE for exactly 1 month now and I haven’t noticed any gains in either flaccid or erect, not even slight gains.

I’ve been doing my routine in the shower and it consist of:

5 minute warm up
10 minute stretching
10 minute jelqing
5 minute warm down

I’m just wondering if it’s fairly normal to not notice any results after just one month or if I could possibly be doing something wrong or maybe my routine is not good enough ?


Not even a slight chance in your erection?

Jan 1 2011

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Add kegels. It’s not always about a change in size or shape, EQ is an extremely important PI for PE.

The first few months are all about EQ. Keep doing the routine and add Kegels! Don’t over do it.

It’s not unusual at all. The first few months are all about conditioning your penis and learning what PE is all about.

Newbie gains come quickly for some, but most only have small or no such gains. Concentrate on your PI’s such as EQ, and get to know your penis and see it improve.

Other than that… keep at it, consistency is key.:)

What was your erection strength before PE?

From my time on the forums I saw that most guys who gained in a relatively short time after starting PE, did so from an increase of erection strength. Meaning, before PE, they weren’t getting fully hard, so they weren’t at their full dimensions. Upon improving erection strength, their dicks got fully hard and were now bigger. And so they “gained.”

When I started PE, my erections were already at 100% so gains came slowly.

So if you were already having rock hard erections, you’re not going to see any “gains” that come from using full potential.

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