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Is anyone else having doubts


Supposedly the amount of testosterone in the womb when you change from female to male determines how big your cock is. I’ve pe’dfor a while now and the main usefull exercises I’ve found are kegels and jelqing.

Stretching doesnt anything for me, but maybe I did it too much.

Well , I haven’t been doing PE but I’ve done some kegals and edging and I have the holding power of a p0rn star now , and it’s only a month or so. I just started a thread about it.

As much as pe goes , Id do some hanging manual stretching and jelqs , maybe short clamps when I don’t have the time.

(Btw jelq form is EVERYTHING , if you don’t get the outwards stretch like a full erection in your head , your not having enough blood in there and it does nothing and ofcource good form is a must or else you injure your penis)

I no longer have any doubts thanks to all you. Not one person made a comment about having doubts themselves. Thank you for the site Thunder and a bigger penis. I owe you one, once I start to get everything in my life going I will be donating.

Just keep at it, and the gains will come. And no I never posted any picks just in case you were wondering in refernce to Thatcat, someday I will when I can get the $$ to buy a camera suitable for this computer and then learn how to use it.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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