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Is anyone else having doubts


Is anyone else having doubts

Hi everyone I’m wondering if anyone else is having doubts about if p.e. Really works. I wanna believe it works more than anyone else. I won’t really know until I try for myself. When I do ill put all my heart into it. I’m getting ready to start a new job and won’t start till then so then I can work out a daily routine. Anyways I’ve been looking at this site for about a month now I’ve seen the pics and ask myself why isn’t their better pics such as ruler in the same place no cut offs ect. And then I see this site has been on for a while and has members that has been doing p.e. For years and ask myself where are their pics their should be some that show these amazing gains that are claimed and put any ones doubts to rest I’ve seen all the pics and none seem to relieve mine I’ve even visited other sites similar to this one and searched for pics I do have to say thunders place is the best one I’ve seen others want you to buy pills pay to join the members area to get access to everything I noticed d.l.d. Use to be a member of this site now he’s not he’s started his own called matters of size where he’s got many things to sale you this site doesn’t do that I’ve only seen this site ask to donate to stay online which is cool if these exercises work for me ill donate for sure I read a comment someone posted saying “why would we post fake exercises for years and pay to keep this site running yes it fucking works” which is a good point I’m just wondering what you think reassure this obsessed m.f. Thanks

There are a couple of reasons why I didn’t post before and after pics. First, when I started PE, I didn’t have a digital camera and was very computer literate either. Second, I started PE because I had a small flaccid turtle dick that I was not proud of and definitely didn’t feel like advertising to the world how small I was. Maybe other guys like to show how small they are, but not me.

All I can say is that PE works. It is not a fast process though, so don’t expect miracles. You should start slow and smart and plan to be with the process for a year. But, like body building, once you start, if you want to keep in peak shape, you make it your life style.

Start here:
Before-and-After Measurement Pictures

Many people here claim impressive gains, yet never post pictures, because they are not obligated to. We take that as hear-say, and hope that they are not lying. Many have claimed 2”+ gains, and never posted before and after pictures, it’s just how it goes around these forums.

You can doubt these routines, some never gained an millimeter, some apparently gained huge amounts, but the fact of the matter is that this stuff works. These PE exercises are also great penis health exercises, if you know what you are doing, and not tormenting your unit, in which case they can have the reverse health benefits. Either way though, you will never know if this works or not, unless you try it for your self.

We have discussed this before, and we have no scientific evidence that it works.

Welcome to the board, and have a nice stay.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Ima starter also and can say I have not grown yet but I have only been at it for just over a week now and it never even occurred to me to talk epics let alone post them. Like yourself I am not out to broadcast my average to below averageness. But you can bet I will post when I make progress, I don’t know why this is because it would probably help others but I think about 90% of guys don’t want to advertise themselves as small, but I am fairly certain this stuff works, and when I am ever anything over 5.whatever” erect you’ll know it works too. Back to work.

PE works man, but like gpent said it is not a fast process. But think of it this way, wouldn’t you be happy just adding an at least a half inch on your dick. An inch of growth is a lot you know. Any way, the only time I doubted PE is times like when I get a woody and I don’t see any major or minor increase in size gains. I wouldn’t really rely on the pics to see what you can gain. You never know the person might grow 1inch and you might grow 2 or more and vice versa. Use the measurement pics as motivation and inspiration when you feel like giving up.

Thank you Prent and that cat for the encouraging words your word and my comman sence tells me that it will be a long process I want this allot and am in for the long hall I to am a computer illiterate I type with one finger computer class never interested me plus back then I was to stoned but a couple trips to prison cured that anyway I plan to start slow I don’t want to go to the doctor with a broke dick I think I saw it mentioned on this site somewhere about getting a mentor either one of you interested someone I could go to for advice from time to time if not that’s o.k. Anyways thank you both again

Sorry thunder if I said anything out of line I think you where referring to posting a link to another site if so it won’t happen again all I ask is not be banned I love this site

Thanks for the encouraging words everyone

Oh, sorry I’ll use it for now on. Love the site Thunder.

I would also say not to necessarily expect immediate gains. Part of this has to do with learning what the heck you are doing. Even after you start doing the exercises you will find that as you do them more and more you will learn your own little tricks to make that exercise work for you. There are no two units shaped exactly alike so different grips work for different folks, etc.

I have been PE’ing for nearly 4 months. I have seen moderate gains, but it wasn’t until the past week that I really felt like I was starting to stretch and jelq properly. Maybe I’m just a slow learner.

If PE doesn’t work there are a lot of liars who have nothing better to do than make up stories and fake pictures to post here. I think the anectdotal evidence, provided by this forum alone, makes a pretty strong case for PE actually working.

That does not mean it works for everyone.

Horny Bastard

Thanks for the advise Super hick. I’ve printed out all the exercises. Now all I have to do is download the video’s.

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