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Does anybody get irritation on their penis after jelqing. I have jelqing on and off for a year, and had to stop many times b/c of these little red skin irritation marks. They get real dry if i don’t put vasaline on them, and they still take forever to go away. They also happen some times from masterbating. I think it may be from the callouses on my hands, or maybe the lotion. What does anyone think?


Sounds like you should look into wet Jelqing start off doing about 5 - 10 mins and work yourself up over a month, let your skin get used to being worked.


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Thank you for the reply Toxsus, but I Have been doing wet jelqs. I recently stopped, and started stretching only, but it seemed to irritate the litte spots just as much.

I just started PE a few weeks ago and I, like you, get the same effect. From what I have read it is normal for people new to PE to get these. Gradually as your penis gets used to the added pressure and blood flow you will notice them less and less. Hope this helps :)

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I don’t think it is really a matter of the blood flow, I think it has more to do with the surface skin. They are not the “red spots” from bursted blood vessels that everyone talks about.

You said you’re jelqing with lotion? Have you tried Johnson’s baby oil gel?

Read the ingredients of this lotion you are using,if there is any mention of alcohol,leave that shit alone. Use something that is more natural ,like what SuperStroker has suggested or vaseline. I will bet that you are using lotion with alcohol,which is like a match on my dick.


thanks a lot guys

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