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Condom Pumping to avoid irritation?

Condom Pumping to avoid irritation?

Hello guys,

I read all the postings on Condom Pumping and I find it very interesting. I do believe that longer-lasting post-pump thickness is due to the fact that using a condom while pumping creates more internal pressure (like when we do manual PE) plus the regular already known effect on the skin. So what you get is a combination of the two: regular pumping + Ulis, squeezes, etc.

The fact that the penis is still warm after the sessions motivates me to give it a try. I thought of applying some cream to my foreskin. That, in addition with the condom warmth and “protection” should stop irritation. At least I guess I won´t be as irritated as with a regular manual PE/Pumping session (Girth exercises + 20 minutes in the pump, always low pressure -between 4 and 6)

I have been suffering every now and then from foreskin irritation/discoloration over the last two years. (started pumping in December 2003, regular PE on December 2000) Whenever I PE and have Sex for more than 2 hours in a row I have to rest because it bothers me and eventually the foreskin contracts due to irritation. When I reach that point, that is the day I have to stop for at least a week.

I have always asked myself what´s going on inside the foreskin. When irritated, I would pull it back and stare at those thin blood vessels engorged. You never know if the pain is due to thestresss on the vessels or due to skin irritation. In my case, after some days the skin heals and the pain from irritation is over but the vessels and foreskin “region” in general looks the same. So I guess the only victim is my sensitive skin.



Those of us who have experimented with condom pumping found it is helpful, but not so much so that it is worth the trouble.

You will find all the results you seek by just dropping your vacuum to 2-5 in hg, and decreasing your time.

I suggest 2-3 in hg with constant heat for a total of 15 minutes to start.

Work up in time and vacuum only if you show no adverse Physiologic Indicators.

Thanks for the advice!



Condom Pumping feels GREAT!

As it has already been said, the penis is warmer and larger after the session. In addition it helps me to prevent severe irritation.

I will stick to it.



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