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IPR Routine

IPR Routine


I am due to start PE again after a 2month break, I start back at the end of JAN. I got recommended to do an IPR routine as I was overtraining.

Does anyone have any experience, help, advice with such a routine, that will gain only length!?

My aim is 8” I am currently 7”.
Does IPR routine work, has anyone had any good gains from doing it?

Could anyone provide any information for me, on the best way to get to 8” and if doing IPR is the way to achieve this!

Thanks everyone

I cannot remark on the IPR routine, however, if you over trained the first time you might want to reconsider.

Around these parts, this is recommended to begin with : START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Use that for 3 months then look into other more advanced routines. Remember that pain and PE are not compatible.

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Here is Babbis modified newbie routine:

- Modified newbie routine

If you’ve been overtraining it might be worth a go.

When I first started PE, I started with a newbie routine consisting of stretches for 30mins and 300 jelqs. This gave me my 1st gains of 1inch.

Since then I stopped the newbie gains, and decided to try a new routine, which was hang, stretch and jelq. After months and months of this I had no more gains.

Now I have taken a 2 month deconditioning period. Now when I start back again in another months time, I am wondering what is the best way to get me gaining again? Do I do IPR? Or would it be best following the newbie routine again, to try and get the gains back?

What would you guys suggest? My main aim is length!

What would you do in my situation? As you can understand I am pretty frustrated with getting no gains, and I hope you guys can help me get my gains again!

I have been doing PE for 2 years now and I am dedicated to achieving my goal!

Thanks again
Hope you can help

Anyone else?

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