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Introduction and my goals

Introduction and my goals

Howdy gentlemen. So I’m a thirtysomething guy that has decided to do something about his dick. Haha.. From what I’ve read I’m fairly average, but that hasn’t stopped me from feeling a little inadequate at times. I’m about 5.75 inches BPEL, and 5 around. Plus I have a pretty strong upward curve I’d like to straighten out a little.

So what I’d like to get out of this: Make it to 7 inches in length, and add maybe another inch in circumference. Plus straighten things out a bit.

I’m kind of overwhelmed, so any newbie advice would be great. I’m starting to read everything on the forum and try to get my game plan together, but there’s so much to read.

Also, the quicker the better, of course. I’m separated from my wife right now, that’s a whole ‘nother story, but it may work out with her down the road. Would be pretty awesome to have made some strides with the PE if and when we try to make our marriage work. We may be meeting up again come January, so I thought that might be enough time to make some progress.

So that’s about it.. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys.


Hey welcome into PE world, your gains sound achievable , especially lengthwise, an inch in girth is an absolute massive difference and would likely take many years.
You have a good size to start with, a few gains could be fun, have a look at the newbie links at the very top of this subforum.

No need to start running everywhere like a headless chicken for now.
Have a through reading of these threads : Is LESS more, or is MORE more?
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
Learn to read your body response, how to jelq efficiently ( =/= most intensity), and stretch nicely, ease into your first routine and this will be a good start!

Good luck and stay safe!

Welcome, sir. Best of luck to you and will help keep you accountable. I’m getting back into PE, it can be hard to stick with, it definitely works though. Will look forward to watching you grow.

My initial advice would be:

Do a heat wrap for 10 minutes twice daily. You can use a washcloth, soak it, wring it out, and put in microwave a short time. Should be hot but not burn you when you wrap it around your cock. It’ll feel nice, and your cock will be plump. Start with that, twice daily, for a few days. Then we’ll talk more.

If recommend the newbie routine. Read up and don’t begin until you understand it. You should see some modest gains by January. Take it slow and easy. When asking yourself if you should do more, don’t. Stick to a very light routine for the first 3-4 weeks. That should give sufficient time to gauge your progress and learn how to listen to your dick.

Hope all works out with your wife!

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

How is it going man?

Definitely start with the newbie routine. It’s where people get most of their gains.

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)


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