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Introduction and giving thanks.

Introduction and giving thanks.

Just wanna take this opportunity to say hello to everyone here and to give thanks to the people in this community and others that made this site possible.

I tripped upon the topic of Jelqing by accident 4 days ago and did a Google on it, and WOW was I amazed. This community taught me so much on stuff I didn’t know about myself, and how to maintain my sexual health.

I started Jelqing for 4 days now and didn’t do a measurement on my start statistics, but it doesn’t matter as my main objective was to achieve harder and better erections. So just a quick question, I focus my routine on kegels cos it helps my erections (I think), I do a kegel and hold for 5 seconds. I feel my BC muscle harden up a lot in the initial second, but after 2 seconds it starts to soften up.. And when I hit 5 seconds and release it’s almost like it returned to it’s original state by itself (although there is still some tension). I wonder if I am doing anything wrong.. Or is this natural.

I would appreciate any responses.

Again, thanks to everyone that made this community possible.

Best Regards.

I am not sure but I think that it’s just because you’re kegeling for only 4 days, so your muscle isn’t fully adapted to the exercise.

Give it another week, I’m pretty sure that you’ll feel a difference by then. And do at least 50 kegels a day to make sure your muscle is getting used to it.


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Welcome to Thunder’s supafly.

The entire newbie routine will help you with the quality of erections, especially doing kegels. As for your question, It’s normal at the early stages of learning/doing kegels to let it slip, or soften up sometimes. With time and lots of practice you will be able to decrease and eventyally eliminate that “softening up part”, just stick to your routine and be consistent.

Good Luck!

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Hey guys, that topic reminded me of a question I had a month ago: Are kegels that are scheduled after the newbie routine are meant in any way to help growth?

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Hi guys

Sorry to jump on this thread but I didn’t really want to waste a new one on just saying ‘hello’. This is my first post and I’ve been interested in PE for a while now, with the help of this forum I started the newbie routine last week. I’m really looking forward to any gains I may make as well as learning new things about my body, cheers for the advice and good luck to everyone! I’m sure I’ll have some irritating questions soon.:)

Supahfly, ronniepudding good luck and welcome to you both :) .

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Thanks to all for your warm welcomes. Anyway is doing kegels when partially erect better? Or when totally flaccid? I can hold a kegel for way way longer when I try doing it partially erect. So what would be the correct way to kegel, erect or not?


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Use the right HEAD when doing exercises! And smile!

Kegels are a simple exercise. You flex and hold the same muscle you use when you are stopping a stream of urine.

By isolating that muscle and flexing it at will you will increase muscle tone. Which will contribute to both erection strength and hardness and also allow you greater control.

It’s a very simple exercise, so therefore there are a lot of variations on it. The ones recommended in the newbie routine are meant to be performed without an erection: flex, squeeze, hold, release, repeat: 50 times. This simple exercise performed daily will have a significant effect on your erections.

As to the variations, as Thunder said, they don’t fucking matter all that much. Of course if you find a way to do them that you like and seems to work better for you I’ll say this: the exercise you do beats an exercise you don’t do every time. Take it for what it’s worth.

The beauty of non-erect Kegels is they can be done anywhere. Driving to work, watching a boring chick-flick, listening to your mother-in-law talk about her ailments - whatever. Anytime you want to do yourself some good and can afford to mentally check-out a little you may as well do 25 Kegels or so.

Does this make sense?

Anyway. Welcome supahfly and ronniepudding. Happy Kegeling (I’m doing it right now). (:

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That’s funny Mr. Happy…While your mother in law is talking about her ailments etc. It’s funny you say that because while having a family discussion last evening at the in laws house, I too was doing some Kegeling exercises while they were all blabbing about this and that! Ha, that is funny shit. But true, “squeeze” them in whenever you can. It can only help you with EQ and performance handling of ejaculation.

Oct. 07 : BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5" Nov. 07: BPEL 6.875" EG 5.5''

Goal NBPEL 7.0 EG 6.0"

Use the right HEAD when doing exercises! And smile!

Aye, got it. Thanks so much again.

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