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Introducing.and a couple of newbie questions

Introducing.and a couple of newbie questions

Hi All,

Just joined (which is a relief, I’ve been dying to use the search and actually see the videos).

I’ve been considering enhancement for years. I tried one of those cheap pumps years ago but it sucked. Recently, I was suckered in to purchasing VigRx Plus. The only thing I’ve noticed from it is increased sex drive, which is not something I needed. I plan on getting my money back by the guarantee, since it has not increased size or any other problem I have.

I used to think I was incredibly small before reading this site.and still think I’m small, just not as bad off as what I thought. Starting measurements are 5.25” NBPEL/6” BPEL and ~ 4.75” EG. I’m overweight and, after reading various things on this forum about how losing my “fat pad” will help me appear larger (as well as my gains), I’m making a HUGE goal to get weight down via exercise and a little smarter dieting (less caffeine, better supplements, etc).

Do have a few questions:

1. I do mainly dry jelqs. I used to think that there was a problem with my skin moving up to my glands, but after finally watching the dry jelq video I noticed this is normal. However, when I did wet jelqing, I noticed the same effect. Is this just from lack of lube?

2. I appear to be losing erection during jelqing. I’m trying to get about 50% erection but by the end of the first set of 25 jelqs I’m limp. Is this from too much pressure, not enough, etc?

3. Regarding turtling: I do this constantly. It almost looks like my normal flaccid is about 1” because it’s afraid to see it’s shadow. This was prior to starting PE about two weeks ago, so I know it’s not overwork. I know temperature, climate, etc, could effect.but always? Is there anything else I can consider to keep this from happening.

I do have one positive thing to say so far from reading this forum and beginning the newbie routine: I’m a little more confident now knowing I’m doing something to positively improve not just sexual performance, but sexual health as well. My only wet jelq session I couldn’t help but to admire my dick. It had a beautiful hang (one of the rare times I could wet jelq as no one was around). My dad suffers from ED and I’m hoping doing this over the course of my adult life will prevent that from happening to me.

Looking forward to sharing my progress.

Start: BPEL: 5.25" EG: ~4.5"

Current: BPEL: ~ 6.75" MSEG: ~4.75" BG: 4.825" BPFSL: 7"

Initial Goal: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5" Long Term Goal: 7.5" x 5.25-5.50"

Welcome aboard, gottagolarger.

You’ve got some good starting stats, and it sounds like you’ve got the right attitude and motivation.

I’m curious as to why you only dry jelq. It seems like you want to wet jelq, but somehow you’re not able to get enough privacy? But how does wet jelqing require more privacy than dry jelqing?

As far as erection levels when you jelq, I wouldn’t worry about it, other than laying off or taking a break if you get too erect (like, say, over 60-75 %). As long as you’ve got a little blood to move around, you’re good.

I would rather wet jelq, but privacy is a little bit of an issue. My wife knows I’m pursuing enhancement, but I have not revealed the manual part of it yet (she knows about the VigRx pills). Yes, the wet jelq did seem to do better.

Most times I do my PE in the morning in the shower. I’m going to try to take lube in there and not make it look like I’m whacking it. I’m going to need a lot more lube than what I have though, as I still have skin movement on wet jelq.

Start: BPEL: 5.25" EG: ~4.5"

Current: BPEL: ~ 6.75" MSEG: ~4.75" BG: 4.825" BPFSL: 7"

Initial Goal: NBPEL: 7" EG: 5" Long Term Goal: 7.5" x 5.25-5.50"

I don’t wet jelq in the shower myself, but I think a lot of guys do. One guy recently was talking about using vasaline, and some guys use condtioner I think. I prefer to use lotion, and do it either before or after my shower.

Good luck man.

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