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Introducing myself


Introducing myself

Well I have been lurking here for 3 months, so I think it is about time to introduce myself.

But first I would like to thank ThunderSS, and all of the moderators for keeping this place up and running, this must be a big job, and only based on donations! I have been reading a lot here and I really enjoy it!
Also some of the threads are really funny, (I like the sense of humor of some of the members) so I have had some good laughs while reading and learning about PE. So thank you very much guys for this very interesting place! I am going to be around here for a long time thats for sure..

On to the introduction: I am thirty years old, from Norway (sorry for any spelling errors), I am self employed, have a home office, and a lot of private time to do PE.

I have always had a issue about my penis size, not that it is small, but it is not BIG, and I would really like BIG.
After reading papers, magazines, and on the internet for years, about penis size and that there is nothing to do about it (except for dangerous surgery), I figured that I just had to be happy with what I had.

Then one day ( March 2005) I read a story in a newspaper about a stretching device to lengthen the penis, and it also included an interview with an norwegian urologist who said that he belived that this would actually work, and that he was going to try this out on one of his paitients. WOW! That same day I started to search the internet to find a place to buy this extender, and a lot of PE related sites came up. I found the home page of the extender, read every thing there and ordered it.
I recived the extender in the mail on the 14.04.05 and started using it the same day.

I was still wondering about all the other sites that came up when I searched for the extender, so I searched some more and found penissizedebate, read everything there, looked at the links there and found Thunders place! I became a member, and have been reading/lurking here since.

I have been doing the newbe routine, and using the extender since then (almost 600 hours wearing time).
And I have made some nice gains doing this. But I am going to switch to only working on length until I reach my goal of 8” NBP. When I reach my length goal I will start pumping/jelking, and other girth exersices.

My new PE routine:

Morning: 5 min warm up with ricesock, manual stretching all directions for 30 sec each.

Day: wearing the extender for 4-5 hours, not including breaks.

Evening: 5 min warm up with ricesock, manual stretching all directions for 30 sec each, 200 wet jelks,
Warmdown in the shower.

Wearing the extender for 2-3 hours, not including breaks.

The idea behind my routine (not my idea, I read it here): Warm up to loosen up the tisssues, then stretch hard in all directions, then wear the extender to keep it extended while it cools down. 2 times a day. I will try this for 2 months to see if I gain from this. If not I will switch to hanging/ADS.

Well thats my introduction and my PE adventure so far, any thoughts/suggestions to my routine is much appreciated.



Hey kristian,

Welcome to Thunder’s! This is an awesome site.

Good luck to you. Looks like you have things well in hand. Read all you can and learn all you can. PE takes time and dedication. I think you will do well. :up:


Welcome to Thunder’s kristian69

You’ve found the best PE site on this planet.

Everything you need to know is here and free.

Best of luck.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Welcome to Thunders..

Man, you have some HOT women in Norway!! Gotta love those blondes. :rear: :babe5:

6/12/05 6.5 BPEL 5.125 EG 1 week! 6.875 x 5.375 UPDATE.. 7/28/05 OK, I would say I`m a SOLID 7.000 now!! Squeezing out 7.250 BPEL!! OH! Wait a second.. Now I`ve hit 7.375. New numbers!!! 12/7/05 7.625 BPEL!!!!!! Hang long, hang strong! Hey!! This shit works!!! :thumbs:

Hey Kristian!

The day we all found Thunders is a glorious day for us all, marked in the calanders and all that :) .

It would be easier for us to help you by knowing your current size, and if possiable then also the beginning size (before starting work with the extender).

Have a great PE Career!


Originally Posted by Stretchin
Size matters, that's why my dick is blue and brown and has a sharp pain in the left side.

Previously known as Ben Dover.

Originally Posted by LookingForSize
Welcome to Thunders..
Man, you have some HOT women in Norway!! Gotta love those blondes. :Rear: :babe5:

I know.. There are some hottis around here..


Thank you all very much for the nice welcoming!

As for beginning stats, I took only one length measurment before starting, and that was from the side of the erect penis.. I know.. Well it was 17,5 cm, and if I measure the same way today, it would be 19-20 cm.

Last time I checked my erect length was 18 cm BP/17 cm NBP, 18,5 cm BPFSL, and erect girth 16 cm, this was at 16.06.05. So EL by then was up maybe 2 cm, and EG is up more than 2 cm at the base.
Since then my BPFSL has increased to 19,3 cm, at the 21.07.05.

I actually have pictures of the FSL wearing the extender, at 17,5-18,5-19,3 cm maybe I will post them later, I will keep taking pictures of the gains as they come..

I am only measuring PBFSL now (when wearing the extender) and I try not to measure to often, because this will only make me wonder if this is really working or not.
Maybe once a month, or maybe I should wait 2 months between each measurment?

I know that my newbe gains may soon be over, but I am willing to put in the time and effort nessesary to reach my final goal of NBP 20x17 cm (8”x6,7”) even if it takes years!

Again thanks to Thunder and the mods for running this GREAT site, and big thanks to the vets for all the hours spent helping out others in their quest for a bigger penis!


you have made very good gains I must say! over 2cm in girth is amazing. did you also get 2cm girthgain at mid-shaft or was it only at base?

do you think that you got the most of your gains from the newbirutine or from wering the extender?

how much of a pull do you feel from wering an extender? compared to manual strething, is it a lot less?

Originally Posted by skitola11
You have made very good gains I must say! Over 2cm in girth is amazing. Did you also get 2cm girthgain at mid-shaft or was it only at base?
Do you think that you got the most of your gains from the newbirutine or from wering the extender?
How much of a pull do you feel from wering an extender? Compared to manual strething, is it a lot less?

No, only at the base. Increase midshaft is a lot less maybe 0,5-1 cm. Thats why I will start pumping when I reach my length goal, to even out the girth.

By the way I just finished answering your PM, but I will answer your questions here also (insert smile)
(I have to learn how to insert smiles)

I think most is from the extender, I have put in a lot of hours wearing it, but I am not 100% sure, could be the combination?

The pull is less than manual stretching, it feels almost like having an constant erection, untill it starts to feel uncomfortable/hurt then it is time to take a break, to get the bloodflow back.

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He, welcome to this forum. There’s tons of info here. Hope you like it.

Bp Fl: 4,5 Fg : 4 Bpel: 7,1 Eg : 5,9 27 july Bp Fl: 5,3 Fg : 4.2 Bpel : 7,8 Eg : 5,9


Velkommen, Kristian. Dette har vært mitt 2. hjem siden januar 2003.
Masse fine folk her. Og MASSE informasjon.

Welcome, Kristian. And some mumbo- jumbo in Norwegian.LOL


January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"

Thanks a lot guys! Og takk til deg ahund :)

I am already spending a lot of hours here every day, and will continue to do so :)
(Wonder if these smileys will work)

I have to spend some time with the wife now, before bedtime, it is already 12.23 in Norway now.

But I will be back tomorrow :)

WOW! They all worked! All 3 of them!

Thanks for teaching me in the other thread guys :)

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