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Interesting site

Interesting site

I found this while searching the net.


It says that the length is measured from your belly to the tip of your penis (NBP). Does this mean that all the info about average size is based on NBP measurements.

Start BPEL = 6.00 EG = 4.25

Current= BPEL 6.75 EG 4.5

Long term goal BPEL = 7.5 EG = 5.5 ( I still want good oral )


When you first enter the Newbie Forum look at the top of the page and click on Important Newbie Threads/Info. That will take you to a page that has many links provided. Click on the link Penis Size -The True Average for the best page on the web concerning this topic. Nbp is often the measurement used. I’m not sure I consider it all that fair though, as it lets weight play a role in deciding how long one’s penis is.


The BPEL measurement is the “great equalizer” in any length discussion. Is there a better, practical way to standardize the base or “datum” for measurement? Any other measurement is subject to several other variables that are usually inconsistent from person to person or study to study, the most obvious of these being the thickness of the fat pad at the base of the penis. An overweight person can make a quite substantial NBP gain just by losing body fat. Been there done that.

The site you provided the link to, after some scrutiny, appears to be generalizing the information provided. There are no qualifying details on study protocols and standards. I am familiar with one of the studies cited, in which the measurement method was by flaccid stretching of the participants.

Due to the level of intense interest present in the majority of active members here at TP we obsess in details. We want accurate, exact, verifiable and repeatable measurements. Anything less is only anecdotal.

Notice in some of the posts here at TP how any extraordinary size claims with photo documentation receive severe scrutiny and often highly critical comments from regular members regarding ruler placement, camera angle and techniques, even challenges as to whether the gains claimed occurred via PhotoShop.

As you have by now hopefully realized, we take PE very seriously, and that speaks to veracity of the membership and the accuracy and authenticity of what you see presented here.

Thanks for the question, hope we have helped.

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