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great site and thanks

great site and thanks

I wanted to start my time on this site by first saying thanks to all the veteran PEers out there for posting all your ideas and experiences. I got involved with PE through a pill supplement site that also offered manual exercises. I had been at this for approx 5 months when I injured myself, I got very scared as you all probably have. My wife was the one who found this site and it answered many a question, (had a thrombosed vein, cleared up now, whew) I have been all over this site and have alot more to cover. Alot of great ideas ( just made my own hanger, works great, just having problems with the wrapping, I’ll get it) I look forward to some gains and friends in the PE world. I’ll send another post with my size data etc. Thanks again big time!

Good luck, dude!

Hi big burb, welcome to Thunder’s Place. Check out these threads for some information and a few pointers on wrapping. It seems like wrapping should be easiest PE technique of all, but it’s usually it’s the discipline that creates the most frustration. Like tps said, practice, practice, practice.

I agee with you, this comunity is great, take care, and your wife is nice to support you.

Good look in this new adventure.


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