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Instant Length! Presto!

Instant Length! Presto!

So I am kind of in the middle of an experiment. I got myself hard and measured. Then let my erection fade and did three minutes of moderate stretching. I then brought myself to erection again and measure. Im just three minutes I gained 1/8th of an inch! LOL! Why cant PE just be that easy? Anyways, I kept myself hard for about 10 minutes and measured again and have not yet lost the 8th of an inch. So I am wondering how long it will take for it to go back to regular. I will measure a few times until I return to my normal size to see how long this effect will last. When I do a full workout that includes about 15 minutes of stretching, and about 15 minutes of jelqing, I usually gain about a 1/4 of an inch. Now the question is how do I get it to stay! I will keep you posted.

So go ahead, you know you want to. Pull out your penis and start stroking. Measure that bad boy, then let it subside. Stretch for a couple of minutes, get it hard again and measure. Then see how long the the gains last. Report back here and let us know. I might have to start excusing myself right before sex to get some stretching in first! LOL!

Well the effect seemed to last for about half an hour. So it would be good for a little romp in the sack. Just to test it, I did it again. Only this time I only stretched for a minute and a half. Got the same results. I know it only an 1/8th of an inch, but its kind of interesting to know that my dick can do that. What if I do that and could get 1/4th of an inch. Then we would be talking!

Is that 1/8” in your glans? Check it.

No its not in my glans. When I stretch I always deflate my head as much as possible, so there is no presure when I pull. Plus I grab behind the glans. Maybe a good way for me to measure next time is to measure up to the beggining of my glans.

I did it again, but this time I measured to the beginning of the glans(head). I got the same gains. So I 100% that it is not from my glans. My guess is its just a temporary gain due to stretched ligs.


Interesting observation haha

This will come useful before some action ;)

I would like to see a few people try this to see if they get the same result that I do. It only takes a few minutes to do. Please post your results here. Thanks for participating!

I would like to see a few of you try this as well to see if we all have similar results. It could give us some interesting insights. Please try it and post your results!

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