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In dire need of help. need to last longer.


Originally Posted by Lonelysurfer
Just throw on two condoms and fuck her senseless, then remove the condoms and fuck her until she’s unconscious. Works every time.

Bad idea. Latex on latex drastically increases the chance of breaking a condom. You can buy specific condoms that are thicker (Trojan prolonged pleasure I believe) if you want to decrease sensitivity.

Alcohol works well for me up to a certain point (then I find myself swinging a garden hose). So do distractions if you don’t mind temporarily removing yourself from the moment. Kegels and edging are important if you want to master control.

What worked best for me was switching up my masturbation habits. Previously I just beat it to porn fast and furiously until I blew. Now I no longer use porn and I always take my time. I would highly recommend trying this out. It helped me a lot.

You know this relationship better than anyone else so if it is worth it then I say do everything in your power to please her. There are plenty of other women out though :)

Originally Posted by ch950990006
Bad idea. Latex on latex drastically increases the chance of breaking a condom. You can buy specific condoms that are thicker (Trojan prolonged pleasure I believe) if you want to decrease sensitivity.

I don’t think he was being entirely serious lol

:) no I picked up on that; I just felt it was important to make it clear that this is not something that anyone should try

chapstick, you seem to be healthy and without any organic problems. Premature ejaculation is the norm for those beginning their sex life. You will outgrow this when getting more experienced. As all other posters already said, you should do more sex with your partner.

Many good advices from the posters. Just a correction regarding the testicle pulling method (very efficient, by the way): it’s the other way around - in the proximity of ejaculation, the testicles move up the shaft (away from the body) and you have to pull them back at their place (next to the body).

I decided to post in this thread only to express my opinion regarding your struggling with Kegels which is opposed to what others said. Being healthy at the age of 23, you need Kegels as much as a restless healthy 10 years old kid needs jogging. You don’t have where to improve more your sexual powers. Remember to do Kegels when you’ll be 35, or when you’ll feel your sex drive is declining, which shouldn’t happen too soon!

As about the technique of suppressing ejaculation with a firm Kegel at the PONR, that is an “advanced” trick. It is not fail-proof and for mastering it to a decent degree, you’ll need a LOT of exercise in real sex (not just edging). I mean 6 - 12 months! Based on your own description, you are not in the position to make kegeling experiences right now. As a conclusion, Kegels are just disturbing you right now, without any benefits, just downsides.

Focus on the easier and more efficient technique of controlling your arousal by deflecting your thoughts, control your breathing pace, etc. as already said by others.

I have to mention that your relationship is not a normal one. You have to take firm steps to correct it. An almost sexless relationship at such a young age is far from normal. It will affect both of you in a bad way if you don’t fix it!
Try to get to the root of her problems and make her know it’s important to you to make her sexually satisfied!

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I fuck until climax, stop, take out my cock and cum without touching my dick. Then i wipe off the cum and do this three times.

Then i just bang on. Its like I’m half done but i can still fuck like a rabbit for a long time, without cumming. It`s great :D

I think doing kegels at any age is a good idea. It just takes a little while for those muscles to strengthen. Make sure not to overdo it and soon you’ll have better control during sex.

Hardcore masturbation with lube, and edging along the way. Someone said earlier in this thread that masturbation cannot replace the feel of a woman, which is correct. If you masturbate strongly you will de-sensitize the penis, which is what the OP is going for.

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Premature ejaculation is like 90% mental. Focus on your girl more.

My girlfriend has a really low sex drive and she always says how she doesn’t care about sex and she can go with out it. I would say that’s a bigger problem.She ether has a pyce problem or she is that selfish.Id run brother.

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Thank you PE and Thunders.

We’ve gotten into it again recently and I just talked more about her not being affectionate. We both agreed that we’ve become just best friends almost, because we never mess around. It’s hard to mess around with someone when they’re never willing to be affectionate at least. Affection seems to be the gatekeeper into the world of sex. So, last night I stayed the night and we’re affectionate the whole time and it was awesome. Still no dice yet, but I’m feeling like that might happen tonight. Hopefully everything goes well..

Until I feel, like, 80% confident that I will be able to last a good while, I’m going to limit myself to just foreplay mainly. Thats what we used to do all the time at the beginning of the relationship and I almost prefer that to sex. I love just making out with her. I think if we start to do this more often, it will change our relationship so much. I just have to convince that things will get better with my stamina and not to become depressed if theres no improvement at first.

I know this is a “Penis Enlargement” forum, but whats the point of having the biggest wang in the world if you can’t even use it for a good amount of time. I feel like this stuff should come first, because I don’t think penis size matters as much, especially if you know what you’re doing. I don’t know what I’m doing, but thankfully I’m slightly over average and I’m fine with that.

The biggest thing that would help right now, would be the ability to recuperate faster after I go once. I’m guessing enough Jelqing could improve that? I’ve had a strange loss in my own sex drive, probably due to the lack of sex and gain in stress. I would like to be able to get it up faster and more often for sure. I might have gotten back into watching porn to much as well, so maybe I’m conditioned to only get turned on that way. I could easily cut that out, if it means getting turned on in real life easier. It’s so easy to get turned on by porn though, I might do what you suggested ch950990006.

Thank you all again for your great comments!!
If I keep this up, I’m sure I’ll be able to beat this thing. (Pun intended)


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