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improved already

improved already

I just want to say that after just two days of jelqing I couldn’t help but notice an improvement in girth. No joke! I seriously felt more heft when holding my unit in hand. I know what you’re thinking: “this guy is a liar”; but I’m totally serious. I’ve had to take a few days off, however, due to the discomfort caused by overdoing it; and this has caused my gains to disappear. But still, I’d say its very promising. I know I’m a beliver.

I’m not even looking for girth really: I’m 6 inches around already. What I really want is length: I’m actually just a little less then 6 inches, making my proportions somewhat awkward. I actually used to be about 6 1/4 inches in length, but lost a little bit about 15 years ago, when my johnson- for some weird reason-started to curve on me(dope!). It might have been because I did steroids at age 16, as it wasn’t long after my first( and last) cycle that I noticed the curve. So, I’m basically trying to gain back what I lost-but with a little interest!

I’m hoping to get up to 8 inches length. And honestly, I think it’s simply foolish to go for more; even 8 inches might be pushing it. Yes size matters, but after a certain beneficial increase, a law of diminishing returns kicks in. Only a few girls would like 8.5 inches and up; and you would gain their affection at the cost of losing scores of potential partners who just wouldn’t be able to handle that thing. That would be an awful tradeoff.


Welcome to Thundersplace. In your brief experiences with PE and the technique of jelqing, you’ve already discovered the possibilities that may exist permanently, although for you now it’s just temporary. That’s how I got hooked over 3 years ago. Good luck to you in getting to your 8 inches!


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Yeah, I had some fast gains from long periods of hard work sessions. Just make sure you do that maintenance period and strengthen your penis to get it used to the new gains. It is just like any other muscle in your body and needs to readjust to the ‘new’ penis.

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