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IMPOTENT. Problem getting erections


Don’t PE and see a urologist. It could be a venous leak or it could be due to constant jerking off. Try to stop masturbating for a while as well. Kegels can help you keep your erections for longer too. I would hold off on kegels until I have seen a urologist and he tell you that it isn’t a physical issue.

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It seems psychological problem as cervix said . I guess people suffering with physical ED never get erections without medication or pumps. You said you have breathing problem . It is one of anxiety symptoms . It is common that people suffering with anxiety have erection problem. Anxiety can last for years if you don’t find the cause and eliminate it. If your problem is psychological then Cognitive behavior Therapy (CBT) may help you . Good luck

Thanks for the replies everyone. Tossed Salad - I masturbate about once a day usually. The level of soreness is just random. The more I masturbate the more prone to soreness I usually am. But sometimes it’s just less sore than others and some days the erections are harder. Sometimes I’ll go through a number of days in a row where I keep getting very weak erections that I can’t maintain at all sometimes I’ll go through a stretch of days in a row where I might be masturbating 2-3 times a day and getting erections pretty easily and stronger than usual. It doesn’t happen to often but it has from time to time. On average I masturbate about once a day. I’d also just like to make it clear again that it’s a soreness and not a pain. It’s just sore. I masturbated close to when I woke up this morning and I’m about to sleep and I’m feeling quite a bit of soreness right now.

Herozero - part of it is psychological when I’m engaging in sex, but there’s absolutely no denying that there’s a physical problem at hand. Also many times when I’m having sex my penis will shrivel if not fully erect and I can feel that this is cause of the left side of my penis. You see a lot of guys in porn have sex with semi-erections, but I can’t do that I almost completely lose my erection it will probably go to like 30%.

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I’d honeslty cut back to masturbating about 2-3 times a week max. I beleive the anti-inflammitory suggestion would be for the soreness possibly and that could indicate some inflamation.

However definetly see a uroligist as that is a long time to have those problems. Sounds like a leak to me to be honest, but I’d rather not jump to conclusions.

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My two cents.from a noob of course ;)

1. Looks like you over masturbate and are addicted to it. Inferred from your statement saying that you feel more aroused when you masturbate and level of erection is better and satisfaction too.
2. You hold you penis too tight during masturbating which has adapted to a very tight grip which most vagina would not provide. Oh yes and btw do you easily ejaculate while having real intercourse or it’s not so easy cumming.
3. Having faced the issue of non-erection during some of your encounters, it has gone into your head that you cannot perform well and hence this performance anxiety is worsening your condition, if there is one in the first place.
4. One important question, how do you rate your morning wood and erection? This is pretty much the best indicator to discern physiological with psychological problem. In case you get perfect erection in the mornings dude you do not have any physical problem.


Exercise exercise exercice. And give up wheat and sugar.

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