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I'm slightly concerned, what should I do.


Do you smoke tallguy? Smoking even at your age can have a big effect on erections.

First of all, Mr. Happy, I have truly learned to enjoy your posts with their infinite wisdom (no matter how much I hated you for a little while there) :)
I am definatley going to check out that book, it kind of sucks being 19 and knowing that having sex one night is a 50/50 chance of lasting 2 minutes or 20 minutes.

Secondly Tallguy, do not worry, I have trouble getting erect sometimes in the car, and my girlfriend takes it as an insult when I do not feel like sex. I also hate waking up to sex after a nap because I am still tired and I worry about how I smell, and I usually have to Pee, and I am just plain retarded for about 10 minutes after I wake up. (This morning, my cell phone alarm was going off and I picked it up and answered it like someone was calling.)

Thirdly, Younhad, No matter what the movies that you probably watch all day long by yourself tell you, us 19 year olds are not the sex hungry teenagers we are portrayed to be. It is a very stressful time in ones life having to make decisions about school, jobs, and basically starting your life. Especially with the rising expectations put on us by the failures of recent generations. I do love sex 85% percent of the time, but there have been many times where I just don’t feel like it.

I miss this place.

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