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I'm back; no giving up! Also, circumcision results worry


I'm back; no giving up! Also, circumcision results worry

So I’ve been away for about 6 months without PE. Just basically gave up as I was being stupidly impatient even though I had some early gains.

I was circumcised at the age of 18 due to tight foreskin and I am not very happy with the results as I have scar marks from each stitch and there is a ridge where the cut scar is which can be uncomfortable. I did not want to be cut, it is not very common here in the UK and a lot of girls don’t really understand the fact there is no foreskin. I am very insecure about the state of my penis, its appearance and size and this site made me feel better about myself before. Anyone else had a similar experience with circumcision ?

Ive Missed this site.

So I’m back and going to start of with the newbie routine again, if that’s still about lol. No giving up this time.

My stats are around 5”NBP and 4.2”EG.

Do any of you think it is worth buying an all day stretcher? Any other comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and I did try to make this thread before but I coudnt find it anywhere, so sorry if there more than one up.


I don’t know how much PEing you did last time, but I would wait at least 6 months before getting an ADS. You can get plenty of gains from manual work during that time period.

Thanks I will keep to the manual work for now then.

Does anyone know if there is any way of improving the appearance of scars?

Didn’t mean to gloat about the circumcision story I’m just very insecure about it around women.

What you are looking for is Bio-Oil. It is great for scars and stretchmarks and also works really well as a lubricant for PE.

I think ads are great, but it’s the wearing one all day that’s the issue.

I find it cuts off circulation far too much, and that cannot be good for anyone in the long run.

Back into the routine already, why did I bloody stop. Cheers guys.

About the marks from the stitches, they will fade away. The scar from the procedure will still be there but the lines the stitches make will eventually go away. The uncomfortable part of around your scar could just be from tenderness after the procedure or skin being exposed all day that never was before.

The marks have been there for around 3 years now though and don’t seem to be fading and there is a ridge where the circ scar is, its not smooth like a normal circ, I think the scar is sensitive because it is still not exposed when flaccid, while it is when erect or when the skin is pulled back. I think its a loose circumcision. I think I may try tapeing the skin back so the scar becomes used to being rubbed and exposed.

What do you think?



Welcome back to the site and PE.

I was circumcised around 5 years old for “medical” reasons as well. I wish that I still had my normal foreskin, bastard eager to cut doctors. Even though I was circumcised 40 + years ago I still have scars. I don’t think they ever go away. I don’t have the sensitivity issue you have at the scar location so I can’t talk to that.

I do manual PE exercises only. I have used a type of ADS for foreskin restoration (TLC Tugger). It is not for PE really, but I don’t think it hurts my PE efforts either.

Take care,

4Foreskin ;)

Thanks 4Foreskin. Yea I wish I still had my foreskin to, Ill live with the scars at least it works eh. If I can grow it a bit I wont be so bothered about its appearance anyway.


I was circumcised at about 7 or 8 years of age for “cleanliness” issues (parents thought it easier to chop of the skin rather than teach me how to clean properly, but I digress).

Although I never had excessive scarring from the procedure, I found that In adulthood I was plagued by the skin on the underside being too tight, causing painful erections.

By doing some skin stretching techniques and eventually non-surgical foreskin restoration using the DTR (restoration device), I was able to regain enough foreskin to pass for uncut (at least while flaccid) and the glans sensitivity returned.

Rather than exposing your scarred area to constant rubbing and irritation (and probable loss of sensitivity), why not experiment with a bit of skin stretching or even foreskin restoration along with your PE activities? The stretching may reposition the scarred area to a less noticeable location, or even allow the scar to smooth out by gentle manipulation.

Best of luck,


Thanks for the advice that does sound like a good idea, where can I find one of these DTR devices? The only reason I thought it might be good to expose the scar was to lose its sensitivity as the feeling on the scar is not a good type of sensitivity , so I thought it would be good as it is very uncomfortable during hand jobs and blow jobs or any sort or general roughing up. I would still have the same sensitivity in the glans, which is what matters wright? I would love to have enough foreskin to pass for uncut when flaccid.

Shit, another Welshman! Welcome back mate.

Circumcised cock are most hot then the others, iam circuncised and the cock looks alot hotterthen with the skin

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