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I'm at week 7 - need help with next steps

I'm at week 7 - need help with next steps

I’ve been into my PE exercise routine for about 6 weeks now. I’ve managed to increase the number and intensity of the jelqs without any noticeable discomfort. ( Unfortunately, there is not much noticeable permanent gain either. )

I am now thinking about adding a new exercise or two to my routine but I am very confused as to which ones might be the most beneficial. I’ve spend hours reading many of the posts and I’ve seen people talk about All Day Stretch, wraps, weights, cock rings, etc. And it has all become a bit of a blur. So if I may, let me ask a few questions. If you are a senior member and really know what you are talking about then I would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to answer one of more of the questions. I’m looking for definite answers, not guesses or speculation.

I want to add girth to my flaccid penis what’s the next best exercise I can do?

I saw somewhere (maybe a different site) where it was suggested that the flaccid penis be snugly wrapped with gauze or a bandage, but not too tightly, and that this wrap be worn daily. Does this work?

What else should I consider?

I want to add length to my flaccid penis what’s the next best exercise I can do?

Is there one that could be done under clothing?

I read about dog muzzles being good for hanging weights. But instead would it help to use a muzzle and attach the straps to a belt or other fastener on my thigh in order to apply a moderate tension for several hours at a time? And on a daily basis?

I want to add girth to my erect penis, what’s the next best exercise I can do?

I’ve believe that I read that putting the round, doughnut shaped golf weights on a mostly erect penis and then stretching the penis using the weights as a fulcrum will increase girth. Is this really recommended?

Would I be better off placing a cock ring or some other sort of clamp around the base of the penis while doing the jelqs?

I want to add length to my erect penis, what’s the next best exercise I can do?

Should I ease into hanging weights for a period of time, working myself up to higher and higher weights?

What else is there?

Is it possible, and for that matter desirable, to control whether it’s the inner part of the penis that is stretched out (ie the part inside the body) or the existing outer shaft that is further lengthened?

The stretching exerciser and the jelqs seem to also stretch the scrotum where it attaches to the underside of the penis. I try to prevent this as much as possible by tugging back on the scrotum skin. From the bottom at least, the penis will appear to be longer without the scrotum skin stretching half way down the penis shaft.

I exercise regularly, pushup, sits ups, treadmill and a few others. However, when I was younger I used to go to the gym and workout. Over a period of a year I was able to substantially increase the weights I was using, I gained strength. However, I did not really gain any muscle bulk. Muscle definition, yes, bulk, no. Is there any evidence to suggest that guys who bulk up quickly with weight training will also be the ones to most benefit from PE. (If yes, I hate them. They get everything J )

Thanks for taking the time to answer one or more of the questions.

1. and 3. I did wrapping once or twice, it becomes alot thicker but for me, also alot shorter. High erection jelqs and clamping would increase flaccid size, but at 7 weeks into the program, I would not reccommend them to you. Keeping a cock ring on after a girth workout keeps it nice and plump.

2. and 4. Manual stretches along with V, A stretches work pretty good for length. If you are looking for stretching devices, look into some ADS. If you have a desk job, it would probably be best for you.

To your last question, being fit and losing fat will only help you in PE mostly because your fatpad should be reducing.

Why hate buff guys? You can get big too if you want. The difference is they have the dedication to hit the gym when they have to, the same with PE.

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you had to do the Newbie Routine (search), not only jelqs; stay with Newbie for about 3 months, learning the proper form of exercises and progressing in intensity. So said, and remembering, that’s what I can add:

#1 and #3 : best is believed Clamping (Clamping 101 - The clamping guide); it could be dangerous, so read carefully the guide;

#2 and #4 : stretching, V-stretching, hanging; however, you should stay on the first one for another 6 weeks at least, as I said;

#5 : V-Stretch and fulcrum hanging affect more the shaft; hanging and normal stretching more ligaments;

#6: sorry, I don’t understand what’s the question;

#7 No.

Hope this help.

Are you completing the jelq?

“Jelqing Advice” and study the videos in the tutorials.

Bringing the base grip down the shaft to where a grip above the glans is. Repeat with the other hand.

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I appreciate all the replies.

The general consensus seems to be that perhaps I should wait another 6 weeks or so before changing my routine.

I do not want any injuries.

And yes, I believe I am jelqing properly. I’ve watched the video several times. However, I did read on one thread that someone recommended keeping one hand tight along the base as the other slides down the shaft. This seems to provide more blood into the penis as I jelq. But is this dangerous?



These guys have all the experience and a lot of the information in this forum in their heads, and I am going to refer to this thread through the next months.

There may be something pertinent to your question in the thread “A jelq is not just a jelq” in the newbie forum.

The angle of the jelq is making a difference for me, all other things remaining the same.

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VideoManToo: Interesting that you brought this up, because I have also been thinking about ‘new’ exercises because I thought I had hit a plateau. Last week, I just didn’t seem to have any good workouts. At the end of each workout, they seemed to be ineffective. Since I rest on the weekends, I took the opportunity to re-read many posts and do some additional research on jelqing and stretching. Frankly, I feel as if I’ve read every post out there, but I also believe you can learn from re-reading posts and applying the experience you have gained. So here is what I did, what I found and the action/results. I have been wet jelqing since the start of my PE on 8/22/07. I’ve read posts on dry jelqing and thought maybe I should give it a try. So I experimented with dry jelqing. I say experimented because I wanted to see and feel the difference of dry vs wet, if any. This experiment led me to understanding the value of increased pressure on the sides and increasing my overall grip pressure. I took the lessons learned and applied them to my wet jelqs. In the sessions this week I only used overhand grip, and applied more pressure on the sides and more grip pressure than before. I was careful not to over apply pressure, and I also watched my unit carefully and kept alert for any signs of over doing it. The results were very good, with good being defined as follows; a more noticeable pump, red spots on the glans and increased fluid in the skin under the glans. These were similar results (pump, red spots, fluid) from my initial jelqing starting back in late August. Only all these indicators were more prominent, meaning larger pump, more spots, more fluid. Therefore my conclusion is that as I advance and train, I must be open to changing techniques within the current exercises to obtain all gains, before moving on to new exercises. Just my thoughts.

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