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I want Big Balls

I want Big Balls

Hey everyone,

I am about average in size, namely 6” BPEL and about 4.75 erect girth and just starting out. I would however also like some advice on getting bigger balls if that is at all possible. I would love to be able to wear a tight trunk on the beach with a big schlong but also a nice round package of balls underneath. I haven’t found any threads relating to this on here, so was wondering if it is even possible without implants (which I am really not keen on at all).

I was wondering about human growth hormone and the implications of this.

Any help/feedback/thoughts/personal experience on the subject would help a newbie young lad immensely.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


She has big balls but we have the biggest balls of them all.

testicle enlargement

Try this thread, lots of links. Also, you can use the handy dandy search function (how do you think I found that thread) to search for other suggestions on this subject. Just use key words like testicle enlargement, ball stretching and you should find plenty.

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It is not really possible to enlarge your testicles. Some people would argue this, and there may be methods out there that people are using, and also getting results. And you can enlarge the overall size of your ball sac with low pressure vacuum pumping, or saline. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, ESPECIALLY SALINE!

I have pumped my balls before, of course. That is why they make vacuum cylinders with diameters of 3 inches or more, on up to massively swollen sizes. If you pump your entire cock and balls, it is a good idea to use a pump with a pressure gauge on it. No pain equals no injury.

Still, there are many veins and sensitive skin areas involved.

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