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I need some help with EQlack of morning wood.

I need some help with EQlack of morning wood.

I have been reading the forum for a couple of months right now and today I wanted to take a step forward and join this community to find a solution/work on it.
First off, I want to thank every single of you, because these months I have learnt a lot from your posts and finally I decided to join the community, I also want to apologize if my english isnt the best because it is not my first languaje.

My problem is that I find it hard to maintain an erecction without stimulation, I can achieve an erecction watching porn, touching myself or being with my girlfriend, but when if I stop, it usually goes down pretty quick, for example, when I’m with my girlfriend and I go to get the condom on, a lot of times my penis goes soft or its not fully hard anymore, I found a way to deal with this by keeping a condom close everytime I want to have sex, so when its time to get it on I have no problems with it, but if for example we had to stop for some reason for a while, Id lose my erection which is pretty frustrating. I can have sex for like an hour and with constant stimulation I usually don’t have a problem, I can stay hard if I’m having sex, but if I take too long to penetrate her I might lose the erection. When I’m masturbating if I stop touching myself for a while I will lose my erection pretty quick. I want to find a way to keep my erection hard or to don’t lose it so easily. I also realized that I barely have morning woods, random boners (unless I’m with my gf then I get them more often but Id say its more a matter of stimulation when we kiss and all that not real random erections) and I when I’m erect sometimes I feel like to keep it hard I need constant stimulation or press kegel. I don’t get morning woods usually, just every now and then but rarely.

I´m 23 years old, I used to do fitness, lately I’m not that active anymore but I keep doing some cardio and bodyweight workouts every now and then. For now I’m going to stop watching porn and reduce masturbation to one time a week. I’m not interested in increasing the size of my penis since I have a good one thats the reason why I’m not into jelqing or manual exercises, I been checking out the kegel routines and I have started them I find it hard to hold a kegel when I’m soft, I can’t hold it for longer than 1 second, but I’m going to continue with the routine and update with the results. So far, I think my erection angle is a little better since I started practising kegels, getting a 12 o clock erection but it still goes soft with no stimulation.
I´m also going to get my testosterone levels checked just in case my testosterone is running low.

This is the kegel routine I’m doing (starting with the week1)
And I’m going to do towel raises (I might start with 10 reps of 2-5 seconds each, 3 times a day)

I have a good size and I’m not interested in growning,
My goals is to achieve a stronger erection or being able to maintain my erection for a longer time with less to no stimulation.


Have a good day guys, this is my first post, if you think there is something I should change in the way I post or write, I would also like to hear about it to don’t make the same mistakes in future threads.

You are already taking steps in the right direction in terms of less porn and masturbation. I’d try to take it a step further if you are up for it. Cut out porn all together, only cum when having sex, and incorporate edging into your routine.

As far as morning wood I notice mine bounces back when I jelq at night before bed. Good luck!

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@8x6Dream I´m going to cut out porn, I´m used to masturbate atleast once or twice a day with porn (specially when my gf is not around because we have to spend a couple of months every now and then far away because our careers). I have tried masturbating less and watching less porn and in a matter of a week I found out that my erections were kinda harder and I woke up once with a hard morning wood, but I went back to watching porn and seems like I still don’t get morning woods at all, so I’m going to cut it off completely and let you know how it goes.

My real problem is the lack of morning woods or maintaining erections with no stimulation, I have read a couple of threads in the past about people who had the same problem but they never came back to review their results so I’m kind of lost.

Do you find the kegels-towel raises I posted a good way to fix this?

Have a great day!

Sounds to me like you may have a psychological block. I watch porn, and make sure to masturbate at least 1x a day, and I still get rock hard morning erections. I also find it difficult to get my erection to go down while jelqing (usually when it gets over 80%, lasts for 30-45 seconds while I just stare at it, until it gets the message and starts to go down). Not that this is a bad thing…

Strangely enough, I cut out porn 7 months ago, and EQ went from 0 to 100. This EQ bliss lasted for 4 months, until October 2016, when it tanked to 30ish. Couldn’t get past a 30% erection without stimulation, ejaculating felt unsatisfying, and any erection I got over 80% was lost complately within 10 seconds.

For me, a change of diet and incorporating exercise, as well as gaining a different mental perspective, all helped to annihilate the mental block and get me to where I am EQ wise today. Hope the same works for you.

Problem solving with fire.

@Fornestruct thank you so much for your post, I will change my diet and go back to my healthy-sport lifestyle, is there something else you would recommend me to do?

Have a great day sir :)

My advise, since you’re only looking to get a healthier EQ and not gain any size. Do some sort of variation on the newbie rouitne. Maybe just dumb it down a bit. Stretches and light jelqing will increase blood flow/circulation to your dick, in turn giving you stronger erections and morning Wood.

Before I got back into PE as a committed exercise/routine, I would do some light jelqing maybe a few times a week to a few times a month while taking a shower. I would only do this if I noticed my libido dropping a bit and once my libido shot through the roof I’d stop again. All it did was increase blood flow and give me stronger erections/morning Wood again if they started to falter because of other stresses in life getting in the way.

@Kooljake57 What kind of light jelquing you used to do? I have never done jelquing because I thought it was only to increase the size so I’m kind of scared of hurting myself or something to be honest thats why I have been doing kegels and towel raises every now and then.
I have been quiet stressed lately too, but never affect that much to my erections, I can achieve good ones, the problem is to maintain them, I have been now off porn for a week or so and I already feel like they get even stronger, but lets see if it gets better when it comes to maintain them..

Thank you sir!

Any other advice/opinion?

I have noticed great improvements when cutting off porn, now I Will try to cut it all off together. I have been getting morning woods every now and then, still not really often, but atleast I get atleast a couple per week after not getting them for like a year! I also been getting harder erections and noticed my erection lasts a lil longer without stimulation and its easier to achieve it without touching myself, it still doesnt last much with no stimulation, but I feel some gains and I understand its a long road to go so I’m being happy and positive about it, still looking forward improving my kegels and listening opinions from you guys, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you :)

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