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I need help.


Just keep going anyway. Sometimes i don’t even get erect to jelq and as I’m doing it it will start to get semi erect and I keep going. And then maybe later on it gets more limp. I think that’s the best of both worlds cause you have varying erection levels and hit every end of the spectrum. I guess I have a weird method because my dick is almost bent at the end. It’s not that it has a downward bend so much, but the head kinda just curves down. I hate it.

Anyway, as I’m doing jelqs I kinda bend it up at the end and if it goes soft I’m almost combining stetches, jelqs, and even bends all in one. I find my 10% jelqs to be better than erect ones cause you get a stretch kind of and a jelq in one. Good luck.

In my experience I have not needed anything besides my own manual stimulation. While I’m doing my jelq I make sure that I create a good grip at the base before I release my grip at the gland if I would like more of an erection. Kind of like manually forcing the blood down my shaft. Also I have noticed that it works better to force more blood in with an over hand grip while pulling down.

Here to improve my EQ! Size gains in the process will be a bonus

Warning! If you haven't gotten improved erections:

Originally Posted by ollabac

…. Is it possible to maybe clamp at this early stage in my PE career?….

Possible yes, wise not.

I’m pretty new to PEing but from previous sessions involving jelqing and manual stretching I’ve found that doing a kegel rep right between each alternation of hands during the jelq forces blood into the penis and sorta counteracts for the lack of erection. Also every 20 strokes or so I’ll just give it a few quick tugs and start the process again, hope this helps!

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