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I have to admit I am amazed


Congratulations, as well. Nice gains with more to come.

I’m not a doc, but do believe that taking testosterone is inferior to producing more yourself for the reasons you’ve stated and others. Your levels are normal, so producing (and/or freeing) a little more might get the effects you are after. There are ways to improve your production and ratio of free testosterone. Testicular massage, in addition to penis focused efforts likely helps as testosterone is produced in the leydig cells there. I have found high quality Tongkat Ali to be very effective as well. I’m 42 and have noticed the drop in the last few years. I did the above and have achieved great results.

Originally Posted by ivorytower
Hardman, I liked reading your thread. I think most guys here are in there 20’s (not positive about that) and I am in my late 30’s now and screaming headlong (no pun) into my 40’s and it is refreshing to know there is an assortment of ages among us here that see the benefit and reality of PE.

Just imagine if we would have known this in our early 20’s!!

Regardless, Damn glad to have you on board with us, and very pleased to see your doing well with PE.

Hope to see more posts from you!

Ha! In my early 20s I was too busy chasing and catching girls—it was the 60s and 70s you know, pre-herpes and pre-AIDS and probably the most promiscuous times America has ever seen or ever will see! I never even thought about PE until I stumbled on this forum while Googling the word “jelq”, and I had always thought that you were stuck with whatever you were born with. I knew enough to know that I was average, but somehow looking down at it from my perspective always made it seem shorter than it really was.

My wife had told me about her long-time boyfriend before I met her and how his dick was a lot bigger than mine, and one time in the heat of the moment I asked whether she wanted a bigger dick than mine, and she made some comment to the effect that she didn’t care about the length but she wouldn’t mind a little more thickness. I even tried to use a sleeve once in order to give her that feeling, but it didn’t work out at all and just caused pain. I was/am always heavily into oral, so it wasn’t like she was unsatisfied or complaining, but that comment always stuck in the back of my head.

I lurked here for years and even tried out some of the techniques, but never set out a program or even thought about doing so. Then we went through a rough patch in our relationship and I was trying to find ways to make it better, including making sex more romantic. I’ve always been more or less obsessed with sex, but mainly from the perspective of my pleasure, having enough confidence in my skills that I knew she would be satisfied also. But sometimes we all discover things we overlooked about ourselves, and when it was my turn to do so it was pretty devastating. Couple that with my declining physical powers, and that was the motivation to start seeking out information about sexual longevity and building a deeper relationship. PE is just part of the kitchen sink I threw at the problem. I doubt I’ll ever be a size king, but so far I am very pleased with the results I’ve gotten and I intend to keep going.

Thanks to all for the warm welcome!

Originally Posted by HungAsianGuy
All that in 2 months. I think I need to work at this more then.

While “working more” is the standard reaction to almost anything, I think that rest and avoiding injury are just as important as exercising. I’m certainly no expert at this, but I know in weight lifting it’s often easier to get better and faster results doing less than what feels right.


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