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I hate restdays!

I hate restdays!

Wow, I’ve been PEing for a little over a week and I already hate rest days. I now feel like my day was incomplete or wasn’t that meaningful if I don’t get my PE dose.

I’m working: Monday and Tuesday ON, Wednesday OFF, Thursday and Friday ON, Saturday and Sunday OFF. 4/7. The weekend kind of sucks, but I decided that it’s when I get most resting time, so it’s better for that tissue regeneration.

Anybody else have this issue?

Started: BPEL: 13 cm / EG: 10.5 cm // 27-06-07

Now: BPEL: 14.1 cm / EG: 10.7 cm // 18-10-07

Goal: BPEL: 17 cm / EG: 13 cm // Soon ;)

You have to think that all the actual growing is happening when you are resting.=)

At least that’s how I have understood it.all my biggest grow “bursts” have come when I’m on 1-2 week rest time.

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Then: BPEL:6" EG:4,6" Now: BPEL:7,5" EG:5,1"


I used to have this same problem, but then I got a bunch of other hobbies to keep me occupied. You really have to just learn to not worry about it and go out to live your life man. Get out of the house and stay distracted.

I love rest days. My dick usually too out of it after the 5 sessions so I welcome thoses rest days.

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If you haven’t had any signs of growth in a month, then you can try to do 3on/1off. But if you’re actually growing, then 3on/1off or more could make you too conditioned.

I dick started to hurt when I was PEing yesterday its about my 5th time doing it. I have done two on, one off, two on, one off, and now I started again yesterday. The top of my dick started hurting. Should I take an extended break? What am I doing? I’m going to try today until someone tells me otherwise.

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Easy up a little and enjoy more your life!! Grab some hobbie like boxe and taekwondo (I love it) if you are too much excited about PE, when you come to a period were you have no gains, you may quit PE, think PE as a normal thing in your life, like brush your teeth’s, and see yourself in one year!

I have a lot of hobbies. I party like crazy, I usually jog, I have a punching bag and I study medicine, so I have shit-loads of studying to do. I just feel that resting days aren’t that productive! I know, it’s stupid, since those are actually the days when tissue regeneration and growth take place at fullest, but still… I wish I didn’t need them :P

Started: BPEL: 13 cm / EG: 10.5 cm // 27-06-07

Now: BPEL: 14.1 cm / EG: 10.7 cm // 18-10-07

Goal: BPEL: 17 cm / EG: 13 cm // Soon ;)

sandisk, if I recall, your just starting. Your just getting after it too much as a beginner.

Imagine starting a lifting routine, with no experience, and taking it too far. Lots of pain.

Just take a rest. And remember- it works.


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