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I hate my Septum

I hate my Septum

I hate it, I hate it, I absolutely fucking hate it. I cannot stretch this mo fo at all. I happen to be a big son of a bitch with very strong hands, and I just cannot do this manually. I’m still nervous to throw on the bib at this point. Besides SS4, did anyone else have to contend with this? V-Stretching, manually is not working and would love some advice.

I have problems with manual stretching myself. Sorry I have no input to help. I’m gonna build a chickenchoker hanger3 soon, though.

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Inch x Inch,

Make yourself a wench. I was also nervous, but after making and hanging with my wench, I am converted. I spend a fair amount of time working on my PC at night (plus checking in here at Thunder’s!) when everyone else in the house has gone to bed, so the wench is absolutely perfect for me right now.

I adding some hanging to break up my routine and hit my dick from a different angle than is possible with my bare hands.

Don’t be scared to hang. I was. It’s not that hard and if done properly, its safe. This was one of my major concerns.

Make myself a wench…Hmmm…I appreciate the advice, but I’ve kind of been there and done that…Recently.

I almost broke my cock off and thats why I am trying manual stretching.

I gave up manual stretching ;)

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Originally Posted by Inch X Inch
Make myself a wench…Hmmm…I appreciate the advice, but I’ve kind of been there and done that…Recently.
I almost broke my cock off and thats why I am trying manual stretching.

OK, Then you need the OTHER patented (almost) surefire way to promote gains….Take a break!
If you have turned your septum into a Kevlar reinforced, titanium alloy septum, then probably the only way get get any further gains will be to allow some deconditioning to take place.

hello, Inch
May be you can try hanging very light weight and adding pounds by pounds like everybody did. By hanging you have more time for something else.

wxcvbn (start 8, now half an inch more … and no limit)

Inch x Inch

What’s your routine look like?

V-Stretching with the web of my thumb and forefinger at the base and midshaft. Then with the other hand, the remainder of my shaft I grip with my hand, turn my ( side of hand would be the side that has my pinky ) hand in the oppossite direction. For me this is much safer then gripping behind the glans. 30 second stretches with 30 second breaks inbetween, for 10 minutes.

There’s your problem. 10 minutes of stretching really isn’t all that much. Try bumping a few (read: at least 10 more) minutes onto your current routine.

No, my problem is my hands get tired and I can’t stretch no more. Listen, when I tell you, I have very strong hands and a good grip, I have very strong hands and a good grip. I cannot get my septum to stretch.

Inch x Inch,

When I was blasting my septum full bore, I did 30 minutes of actual v-stretch time a day. It would usually take about a week and a half after a break to bust that sucker wide open and actually move it, but keep at it.

Maybe this little bout will get you to test the water with the Bib. Try this:

Stretch for five minutes, doing 30 second stretches with five second breaks. Take a two minute break in between sets. Do as many sets as your hands can take. Then, when your hands are completely exhausted strap on the bib and do fulcrum hanging. If you’re nervous about the bib, build a wench. I know, it’s like trying to tear down the walls of Jericho. Keep hitting that septum until it fatigues and it will take a lot less effort to keep it broken down. If you have any more specific questions, dont be afraid to ask.


If you are hell bent on attacking it manually, can you get into an A stretch? Or perhaps use a pipe or something similar like a vacuum cleaner hose extender to use as a fulcrum to provide leverage under you penis and force it upwards while you pull straight out?

I went this route for a while, maybe gained a hair, eventually gave up and hit the bib. It works fucking wonders, I tell ya. Don’t be scared. Figure it out and get what you want out of pe.

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