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I fucked a chicken today


So did the chicken like it?

I determine my masculinity by having fate kick me in the stones and asking, "thats all you got bitch"? -androNYC

Originally Posted by Revolution
I could care less about the title but I refuse to read posts that don’t have some white space.

Yes, I had to admit that dense block of text was too daunting for more than a casual glance. (Didn’t see “chicken” or “farm friends” anywhere, so I gave up.)

That said, this thread has served two purposes in my mind:

1. underscores the importance of whitespace and paragraphs
2. now I know about the “Ignore List” function (Thanks Thunder and Mr.Happy.)

Pretty good, for a “chicken fucking” thread, anyway.

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Perhaps this is the proper venue for that age old discussion about livestock: “If you’re allowed to kill it and eat it, why can’t you have sex with it?”

Chicken fucker..


Hey Dangling fury.

About that chicken that you fucked, I think it’s pretty fucking disgusting. I eat chicken almost everyday but now I think I’m gonna stop and start eating pork instead. Who knows what kind of deceases you have in ur body. I mean blehhhhhhhhh. Yak! Maybe you should move on and mate with a Polar Bear and spread ur own filty genetics.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Wrong ur Phoenix. It appears to be the lazy ass ur.

Sorry my mistake.

What that boy did to that poor chicken, boy should be tar and feathered. My dog is now going to bark at you! BARK BARK! BARK BARK! What are you doing to my dog!? Get away from my dog! (A jocostic responce to a Freudian slip) Oh God I think I pelled something wrong!


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