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I can't get a proper grip for stretching.

I can't get a proper grip for stretching.

I have a problem, I can’t do a session of stretching without having some blood in the head or I simply won’t be able to do a full stretch because my hand will slip, but at the same time if I allowed some blood into the head then started stretching I WILL get blood spots and can I get around this?

And the way I do a stretch is the usual OK sign with my fingers, put it at the part between the shaft and the head, tighten it then grip.

Starting size:

Length - 6.5

Girth - 5

I used to have the problem.
Now what I do before stretching is wash my hands and dry them well then add talcum powder to my penis and fingers.

The difference is so much better.

I also use an OK grip, gripping the sides of the penis about 1” behind the Glans.

I get a piece of toilet paper and fold it so it’s about half an inch wide and rap below the head and that gives me a good grip.

I changed my grip. I put four fingers under the penis so I have a lot more contact area and better circulation. If I’m going to stretch to the right, I take my right hand under, and pull with all four fingers, only on the left side of my penis. Switch hands to pull left. To stretch up is the same grip. Rotate hand around a little to pull down.

Getting a proper stretching grip that works for you takes time. Baby powder on your stretching hand and unit adds huge amounts of traction. Also, what works for me is to grab about and inch or so below from where the glans begins with an overhand grip and use my thumb to compress my puppet into my palm. I basically make a fist with the thumb inside the fist and penis between fist and palm. I can pull as hard as I want without slippage. This was very good for stretching at 12:00 angles.

Another grip that works for me is to use the standard overhand ok grip but to use the thumb lock the index figured down over the penis and use the middle figure to further lock the thumb down over the index finger. This along with baby powder and some blood in the glans give me a good pulling grip .

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