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I am going crazy


I definitely suggest a good stretch routine before you do any hanging. Try to milk as much gains from stretching as possible. Thats what I would do if I were you.

Your negativity can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not only does it hurt EQ if you worry during sex, girls can smell a lack of confidence in a guy, and it is a huge buzz kill for them. Even if it seems impossible and is kind of out of your control, you have to somehow find a way to get over this and not let it bother you, or this imaginary problem will start to bother her instead.

If your girlfriend said she doesn’t care about a large dick, that means you screwed up and asked the question. Then from your more recent posts it looks like you screwed up and asked a follow up question! This screams lack of confidence in yourself. Lesson learned, right :) .

I agree with the other members about your girth being sufficient. And you are so fortunate to have a woman that you love and want to please who enjoys having sex with you. I wish you luck with your PE journey.

My gf and I are on pretty awesome terms, we talk about everything! There are points in time that she has low confidence and it is my job to help her get over it. We are human right? :)

Originally Posted by Spartan111
I am extremely unsettled at the moment. I have heard stories of girls experiencing their first large penis and it almost has me in tears.. I am 6 inches BPEL and 5.4 inches in girth. I have tried jelqing but resulted in ED for a week (it was horrible). I have trouble maintaining an erection with my gf because all I think about is what my gf might be like if she did experience being “filled up”. She barely says anything about my dick and it upsets me that so many guys have women worshiping theirs. It almost brings me to tears to think I can’t give her that experience and that I can’t experience it myself. I feel like I might be delving too far in to this.. I am the second guy she’s ever been with. The first guy was a one time thing (he was bigger than me) and apparently he made it very painful for her.

I want to get back in to jelqing and would like an 8 inch BPEL penis. I don’t want to ever feel like I am lacking. My gf tells me she doesn’t care about a large dick but that may be because she hasn’t experienced one.

My gf hasn’t experienced a vaginal orgasm (she said she did in some sense, she couldn’t explain it), and I have issues with cumming prematurely (I have gotten better but it still sucks). Overall, I feel like a pretty lousy lover. I can go down on her like no other though (she’s a tricky girl and before it use to take us 40 min to get her to orgasm and now we can in like 10 min).

We love each other and I want to give her every experience possible, as she wants to for me. I need some help guys.. Help a brother out? Lol

I think a lot of guys want to be the biggest, society, porn and so much has made us think it’s so very important. Just aim for a healthy penis that functions well.

If you want a bigger dick for yourself only then you can try PE again but take it so lightly. I tend to think if you react that badly, I.E having ED after trying it then PE won’t be something for you.

Just take comfort in the fact you’re having sex and have a good sized unit. Imagine having a micro penis and/or being a virgin. Obviously you didn’t respond well to PE so don’t push it, be smart, don’t take risks over your penis health.

You are considerably above average in girth. Most women prefer girth over length according to surveys. To put things in perspective: median girth is around 4.6-4.7 maybe lower as indicated in some studies. Average girth is about 4.8-4.9, which is skewed by a few larger guys. So the “typical” size in girth is closer to 4.6-4.7 girth meaning you are far above that. As for length, the Wessels study found average penis size to be about 5.0 when the penis is flaccid stretched and they found a strong correlation between stretched flaccid and erection (erection still being slightly longer). You are average for length, large in girth. I would switch with you any day as I am 6.6 BPEL (6.0 NBPEL) and only 4.3 mid girth (4.5+ base). I’ve had good sex, had only 2 girls out of 7 compare me openly to other guys and the main comparison was girth.

Originally Posted by Spartan111
I am going crazy

Give me a call when you get in and I will drive down to the air port and pick you up.

Just remember, most women can’t even feel it if you are under 8X6.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

First off you have no size problems. I don’t think women care much about length unless its so small it keeps falling out. Everyone talks about length and 8 inches but any talk I’ve ever had with women on this involves girth. In fact I’ve heard a few times that long dicks hurt. And I’ve heard that long skinny dicks are not favored. So that other guy probably had a longer skinny dick which is why it just hurt.

If you have 5.4 mid girth and that is natural without PE or post-PE swelling from an hour of pumping then you are big where it counts most.

Your mind is the problem. You could be 9 inches and still ashamed of your dick if your mind is messed up.

So implant this in your head.
1. The other guy was long and skinny and gave no pleasure just poking and pain
2. You are well above average girth and that’s what women really want
3. You can easily gain half an inch in length from stretching and that would make you about 6.5 x 5.5 which as far as I think falls into the ideal range for women.

Many guys including myself would love to have started at 5.4 girth so understand that you are lucky with your starting stats.

And do not talk size or show major insecurity as it is a bigger turn off than a micropenis to women.


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