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I always get hard during PE.


Thanks for the help guys

And when I say I jack off before so I get soft, I still jelq at like 60-80% erection, just not 100%

Ill read up on the stuff you guys suggested then post back

Originally Posted by Acid Jazz

I’m a little confused about jelqing hard. Do you mean hard as in pressure, or hard as in erection? At the end a jelq, aren’t you supposed to kegel? When I kegel at the end of a jelq, it feels like more blood goes to the glans, but I don’t get “aroused” to the point of full erection. Shoot, I am still waiting to see if my EQ will go off of the charts with my exercise.

What sunshinekid said.

Originally Posted by kingpole
Advanced routines should only be done a few days a per week. The rest period should be longer between sessions. Likely you over did it and need a decon break for a week or two. Then resume the newb program until gains stop.

That was definitely my problem, I was doing a more advanced routine with the same amount of frequency I was doing my newbie one

I think I may go back to my more advanced routine (stretching , jelqing, ulis, JAI stretches) but go 1 day on, 2 days off cause last time I definitely was over training

I’m taking 2 weeks off the coming back with my old more advanced routine but more rest time

1 day on, 2 days off then if I don’t feel like that is enough ill do 1/3

I use to get to hard. I think it was just because I was 18. I don’t have that problem anymore.

Well I am 19 so yeah.

Keep your emotion calm and control your breath .

Hey Aloe! I used to have the same problem, even to the point where I felt I was going to ejaculate. Now what I do when I jelq is divide the whole routine ( 280 jelqs) , in 4 different sets. And in between those sets I do push ups . When you do push ups your heart pumps more blood to the area that you are exercising ( in my case my biceps and triceps ), therefore your erection will go down from a 100 to a 50 or 60%. Try it! It works for me and I am a newbie and my dick grew 0.8 cm in length and 0.2 cm in girth in one month. So I think is working. Give it a shot! Good Luck!

Hey! I’m 19, and I used to have the same problem. What I do, is every time I feel myself getting hard, I let go, and do something else. It seems to work fine for me.. I dunno about you.. Also, I read the forums while I’m exercising, and so it keeps my mind off of myself lol It works fine for me :)

Second Attempt:

Starting [July 19th, 2013]: BPEL: 6.00" MSEG: 4.50" BPFL: 4.00" FG: 4.00"

Goal: BPEL: 7.00" MSEG: 5.5" FL: 4.00"


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