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How you stretch without grip

How you stretch without grip

I’m looking for ways to start stretching. Mabey 45 seconds in 4 different directions a few times a week. When I try it, my head gets so purple it looks like it’s going to explode. Also, it feels like the stretching is only in the skin at the base of my unit. I have a small head and I think thats why I’m having trouble with gripping. Does your head look like it’s going to explode? Does stretching hurt you at all? Do you feel it in the skin more then anything?

If you’re uncut try pulling the foreskin back before you start stretching it that would help you not feel the skin stretch so much

Yes, you should really feel your insides stretching out, not your skin.

I am cut. I’ve even tried pulling back the skin further to give some less skin pull on the stretch but that doesnt work either.

Is it a noticable difference from skin and insides being pulled? Mabey I’m mistaking one for the other..

Also, Does your head get purple, bumpy, and extremely inflamed?

Nah, maybe your grip isn’t good to begin with, you shouldn’t have to mush it all to hell. Have you tried baby powder or latex gloves for better grip?

Try grasp your penis from the sides just under the head. Don’t squeeze the entire head with your hand while stretching.

Yeah, sounds like you are squeezing too hard.

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