Crankhandle stretch - organgrinding

Disclaimer: I could find no reference to this - if I am stating the obvious and already known, I apologize for taking up server space.

I have found that when stretching manually, if I go at it hard I can get lymph buildup in the tissues right below my urinary opening and also in the skin underneath the glans leading up to the opening. For lower stretch forces this is not a problem, and I can also vary the grip. But for BTC, V-stretch etc I tend to pull up the circumsized skin, get a bit of doughnut-look (I presume the term refers to this?), and in worst case the swelling in the tissues I mentioned. Since I do stealth-PE I don’t use talcum or keep rubber gloves at work.

So, in order to get a better grip, I have a suggestion that seems to work: Grab your unit overhand, thumb towards belly (you view the back of your hand) at 90 degrees out from the body. Keeping your hand in the same position, press it downwards towards the floor. Now your external appendage takes on the appearance of a crankhandle for a T-Ford. This will give a good pull at your ligs. If you want to to OTS, place member in your palm, thumb pointing outwards, grab and pull upwards. If you stretch in all directions sequentially, you will look like an organgrinder (pun intended).

To get better force, I place my free hand over / under the grip hand and apply extra pressure closest to the body (base side of member), this will keep the grip hand from rotating and accentuate the crankhandle effect.

How does this work? What happens is that since you’ve got a good grip around the member to keep it from sliding out, the brunt of the pulling force is transformed to pressure against your palm, at a sligthly bigger surface than if you were pulling straight out with a standard grip. If you pull straight out you have to create friction between the skin and the tunica by pressing them together, and the contact surface will be that of your fingers and palm. When you do the crankhandle stretch you place friction on a slightly larger area, and by getting the tunica to bend over the edge of your palm you get a good contact surface without squeezing your member to pieces. Also, when a climbing rope bends over a carabiner (narrow diameter) some of the force is taken up as internal friction; I believe this effect is added here.

Suggestions and comments gratefully accepted.