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How to measure?


How to measure?


I just started my routine but I would like to know how you all measure your lenght. I measured with a ruler but I get some different results.

I would like to know when you measure. ( Before / After P.E )

While standing / sitting / lying / dick straingt on an object.

This question is because I see different results in different possitions and there are pretty big differences.

Even while standing there are differences between angles and how you see the little progresses.

Sorry, my english is badddd feel free to correct.

Stand up and take the ruler. Press it against the bone while having your penis parallel to the floor.

If you have a curved penis, straighten it. If you have a huge curve, i suggest to take a tape ruler and measuring along it.

Anyway you measure, do it all the same way to have a real idea of the gains.

Drako93 has it right. I’ll just re-emphasize “Anyway you measure, do it all the same way to have a real idea of the gains.”

That’s why we so strongly recommend bone pressed. So much easier to be consistent.

And your English is quite understandable, kvdh. No problems there.

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I have a quest about BP. Can someone explain why you would measure BP versus non BP? Thanks in advance.

It’s considered the more consistent way to measure. If you lose or gain body fat it can affect the nbp measurement, making it seem like you’ve gained a little (through PE) when you really haven’t or vice versa.

It also turns out a lot of penis size surveys use this kind of measurement. So if you’re unaware, and compare yourself to these averages with your nbp you might basically be shortchanging yourself. Something I really wish I’d knew back when I was around 18.

Ya I had no idea measurements were taken that way. How much is someone supposed to press when measuring?

Thank you all for your answers!!

As you said I always measure while standing with the penis horizontal. But its still hard to measure those little gains I think because a little angle change would give you 1 mm more or less.

So I heared some people measured in a pump but unfortunatly I don’t have a pump :’(

It’s quite easily to see little change, like mm because every erection is different, even if you’re hard rock it couldn’t mean you’d have the highest number. Just look at the trend of the numbers you see on the ruler.

And measuring too often seems to create tension and anxiety because that 1 or 2 mm gain/loss could so easily be attributed to something else. Just do your routine regularly, learn to recognize gains just by the feel of it either during your workout or during sex, and measure less often.

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Originally Posted by Mellow_Fellow
I have a quest about BP. Can someone explain why you would measure BP versus non BP? Thanks in advance.

Hello Mellow,

Firstly, always stand when measuring your penis.
To measure bone pressed you would preferably need a plastic or wooden ruler. You push as hard as you can into your body just above your penis and then measure to the tip of the head when the penis is parallel (90° angle to your body) to the floor.

To measure none bone pressed you place the ruler along the penis with the end of the ruler lightly touching (do not press in) your fatpad and then measure to the tip of the head when the penis is parallel (90° angle to your body) to the floor.

Think of it as: NBPEL is as much of the erect penis is outside the body/showing and BPEL is how much penis you would be showing if you had <5% bodyfat.

Although measuring NBPEL and BPEL helps form a more accurate measurement of length overall, you still have to consider inconsistent erection quality during measurements due to different states of arousal.

So along with NBPEL and BPEL you might also want to measure your BPSFL, Bone Pressed Stretched Flaccid Length. Similarly to BPEL, you place the ruler above the shaft and press into the fatpad as much as the ruler will go, then hold the glans of your flaccid penis with your thumb and index finger and pull out as far as the flaccid penis will go, measuring to the tip of the head (again at 90° angle to your body).

Good luck with your gains!

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Thanks for all the info K_F_H, really appreciate it. Two questions. First, is BPEL a use able measurement during sex? In other words the amount I’m getting while pushing with the ruler, is that amount going into a vagina? And second, say for example my BPEL was 6 inches. Then say I worked out and lost a certain amount of body fat, then would my NBPEL be 6 inches? Sorry if the questions are confusing.

I don’t think it’s feasible to get your bp and nbp exactly the same. You can get probably get them closer by losing weight, and I think there are people on this forum with very small fat pads, like 0.25” or something like that. People store fat differently, though. I don’t think it’s usually the easiest place to lose fat, but if your body fat percentage is fairly high to begin with, cutting it significantly will probably make a difference in nbp.

What happens if I have a huge curve, and I basically lose an inch or more while measuring it at 90 degrees with a plastic ruler. I think that what vagina takes would count my curve length in? Am I right?

I’ve personally a huge curve and i measure with the tape ruler along it: it’s just impossible to measure it while 100% erect because it hurts.

Yeah, you can’t straighten it out while its 100% erect. Impossible.

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