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Is my mind playing tricks on me when I measure

Is my mind playing tricks on me when I measure

I do not know if some of you out there actually have experienced this in the past.

I have measured my penis twice since I started my PE journey almost 4 weeks ago (first time was on the first day of PE and the second was today). Well the thing is that when I measured BPEL I got 13.2 cms and then BPEL was 14.2 cms. I did it while I was edging to get an accurate measurement. I measured 3 times at 5 minutes intervals and keep getting these values. Then I decided to take some photos to document my PE gains and what was my surprise when I saw the shots: I was actually 5 mm shorter in both measurements (NBPEL: 12.7 and BPEL: 13.7 cms)! And I know this measurements are true because I took about 10 photos for each position and this was my best measurement. Some of the other shots even gave me even 15 mm less!

I have a theory that when you measure and take a photo (the camera on one hand and your penis and the ruler on your other hand) you might be holding your penis the wrong way and also taking the photo from an angle that affects the length. Nevertheless it could also be that my mind is trying to tell me that I have a larger penis and see a higher number than it actually is! I am not sure what it is, but it happened the first time and today it happened again, so I am really curious what could be causing these discrepancies. I am sticking to my photo-measurements because a photo do not lie, so what I am going to do from now on is take at least 10 photos at each measurement from different angles and get the one with the larger measurements, then just for fun measure it without a picture and gain an instant 5 mm.hehehe..

Another thing I wanted to point out is how much measurements vary one from another. When I do NBPEL the measurement has a 5 mm margin of error depending if I am using a rigid ruler, a soft plastic ruler or a tape measurer. When measuring BPEL I get a 10 mm margin of error. When I do BPFL the margin of error is incredibly huge 40 mm, this a reason why I do not take BPFL anymore, because my penis seems to be hanging lower some days and really small some other days. The only accurate measurement I can get is EG (Girth) with a minimal 2 mm margin of error. I have read a dozen posts on how to measure and even though I am trying to follow the guidelines I always get this margin of errors. Doing the BPEL the problem is that the ruler start to hurt if I press it too much so I almost can’t touch the pubic bone if I am taking the photo.

To the senior members, could you please give me a hint on how to get a good flaccid measurement that could be consistent, and also a way to to get BPEL by hitting the bone without hurting (I use a rigid plastic ruler which hurts, bu I also use a flexible plastic ruler but this one bends before hitting the bone). And finally does anyone relate to this post: Do you think my mind is really playing tricks on me or is it just an optical illusion?

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

I went through some of the same things as you when I was experiencing my newbie gains. IMO flaccid measurements taken over short periods are not repeatable enough to use for implying anything about your PE progress. They should not be used to infer erect gains. Even short term erect gains are not repeatable unless you are very aware of your erection quality and have a very carefully thought out measurement setup.

At this point in my PE experience I do not trust any measurement except BPFSL to infer BPEL gains. I measure this while wearing my bib hanger and stretch away a fixed distance from a fixed object. I have used a plumb-bob to sight a point on the floor to line my eyes with and a ruler with a level mounted on it to obtain accuracy with this system. I get repeatability to within +/-1/32th of an inch.

An interesting observation is that after a typical hang session I will temporarily loose 1/16 - 1/8” BPFSL. This is due to retraction of the tissues in response to the loading. It has always come back by the next workout and occassionaly with a slight gain. Since my setup measures to with +/-1/32” I can detect gains of as little as 1/16” and for me, that is how they eventually show up, a 1/16” at a time. I can then evaluate the efficiency of my routine. I log what my workout is and what physiological indicators (PI’s) I am experiencing. IMO if you do not get very nit-picky about this stuff you may get frustrated and quit PE.

One other measurement method I use that works as well is a penis pump. I measure from the end of the tube at a fixed level of vacuum. I get the same king of repeatabilty as previously mentioned.

When I feel that my BPFSL has increased by at least 1/8” then I measure BPEL. To get a strong erection I use a lot of lube and a masturbation sleeve while watching porn. I know that when I am having sex I am probably longer and girthier than when I am using this setup.

I also measure my clamped length and girth as supporting measurements. I am getting very good repeatabilty with these also.

My suggestion is to solidify your measurement setup and don’t be afraid to measure more frequently.

Hope this helps,

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Interesting methodology sheLoves it. One thing I did not understand very well is your way of measuring BPFSL. I always thought BPFSL was measured with a hanging and relaxed penis, but you are saying BPSFL should be done by stretching the penis as much as possible. If I follow this way of measuring I have a bigger dick BPSFL than BPEL, does that makes sense? I did measure like you said and I am BPSFL of 5.8 and BPEL of 5.4. Again, do you think this makes sense or am I doing something wrong?

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

The S in BPFSL is for stretched. You wrote BPFL so you had it right for what you were measuring. Most people report a BPFSL greater than their BPEL by around 1/2”. Occassionally someone will report a BPEL greater than their BPFSL. Personally I cannot understand that and question their measurements.

Thanks for the clarification man, I am obviously learning new stuff all the time here.. I will take your advice and measure BPFSL and discard BPFL. You are absolutely correct that BPFSL could be even more exact than BPEL since the level of erection may give a variation. Thanks a lot!

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

About the BPEL measurement: try doing a video with your camera (most digicams have this built-in by now) and see where the ‘spot’ for the ‘longest’ measurement is and keep doing pictures from that position. Depending on the angle I also get a measurement of 7.750” or 8”… you can see the difference it in my picture thread. What I’m actually looking at directly from above is 8.100” — nothing unusual there.

Oh and yes, BPFSL is probably the best state for measuring as accurate as possible… but you need a tripod for the camera then.

Originally Posted by RodXtender

To the senior members, could you please give me a hint on how to get a good flaccid measurement that could be consistent….

Whatever you get in your measurements of flaccid L, it won’t be consistent because flaccid size isn’t. If you choose BP or NBP for flaccid, always use the same method. Using a “stretched” flaccid measurement won’t tell you what you normally hang at, though it might be a good indicator of your erect potential L just now.

Over a period of a week or longer, measure at about the same time each afternoon - but not right after exercise or PE. Then average out what you get and that will be your average flaccid L size.



Good tip avocet about how to measure flaccid, however this is still a very subjective measurement and I will only use it for reference and not actually to quantify my gains. I need the most precise method to evaluate what is working for me, so I need accuracy up to 1 or 2 mm. In top of that to be honest I do not care much about my gains in flaccid state, that would be for show in the showers only; my main goal for PEing is to fill my wife all the way to the bottom, once I get there I might just want to cement the gains.

Kuukie, your suggestions are good, I will definetly buy a tripod (have not thought of that). The video might not work since the resolution is really bad compared to the photos, but I will try it anyways.

Thanks a lot, your comments are truly appreciated.

Initial Measurement (11-Sep-2006): BPEL: 13.8 cm, NBPEL: 12.7 cm, EG(Mid): 13.0 cm

9th Month Progress (6-Jun-2007): BPEL: 15.2 cm, NBPEL: 14.2 cm, EG(Mid): 13.5 cm

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