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How to get rid of a twist

How to get rid of a twist

So my penis has a slight twist to the left. The downside is that it twist about 3/4 up the shaft exactly where my curve begins. So it’s causing my penis to bend to the left as well. I’m confident that if I get rid of the twist my bend will go away.

What exercises can I do the help get rid of a mid-shaft twist?

hey CaptainC0ck,

I have the same thing going on, a slight curve to the left then the right side of the shaft twists up to the left about 3/4 way up my shaft like yours, not as dramtic as it sounds though. I put the curve/twist down to the way I have masturbated for years, I noticed that my penis fits to my right hand like a glove. So I have started masturbating with my left hand slightly putting pressure against the curve and twist, it seems to be working for me may for you aswell mate.

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PE over the years will help and be sure to go against the bend on some exercises you do.

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I’d advise embracing the curve/bend… I have one myself and at first I tried to combat it but it was a lot of energy and I did not see much improvement. However I have learned a lot about angles on this forum, and now I love my curve/bend because during certain positions it will make your dick hit those elusive spots on a female that make them go “ahhhhhhhh”

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I’ve got a similar thing going on, but I fully intend to keep it if possible. Girls love it, once you get started anyway :P

I have a twist as well. I have to untwist it a little to pee straight if I just stood there it would miss to the right.

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