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Solution for Penis Twist HELP

Solution for Penis Twist HELP

Hi, I’m rather new to posting here so I’m not sure this is the right place for this question, and not sure if anyone else has this problem but..

OK so my penis has a slight twist to it, not a curve, not a bend, it is perfectly straight when erect. However, if you were to look at it straight on it has about a 45 degree twist to it, so the “seam” running down the bottom of my head is at about 4:30 instead of 6 o’clock like everyone else. The “main vein” starts at 6 at the base and makes it’s way to 4:30 as it meets with the head. Is there anything I can do to fix this?? I have always hated it and would really like to do something about it. Does anyone else have this problem? Even better did anyone else have this problem and fixed it?


When it is flaccid twist it 180 degrees in the opposite direction and do gentle stretches with it twisted in that direction. Start easy at first and you can gradually add time and force as you see how you react to it.

I wouldn’t ever stretch really hard when it is twisted, but experiment with it. This is an exercise called, “bundled stretches”, you can do a search on it for more info. Just don’t do it in the direction that its already twisted.

Interesting. I’ve always wondered if there was a fix for this because I have same problem. Only mine doesn’t just twist, mine curves as well. I’ve read about fixing curves but just assumed the twist was something I would have to live with.

Shit, I should’ve asked two years ago.

We have a programme on tv in the UK called embarrassing illnesses with 3 Dr’s advising patients.

One guy came on with a bent penis and it seems to happen a lot on bigger penises as they aren’t as strong as short ones.

The bend came because of aggressive sex it broke a ligament and the resulting scar tissue caused the bend.

Peyronie’s disease is the medical name for the condition

I don’t think Peyronie’s disease is related to ligaments, but to TA, CircusB.

Definitely not talking about any kind of bend or Peyronies, just an embarrassing twist

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